July 31, 2021

Mobile payment risk prevention tricks

mobile payment in the current has become a preferred way of payment for many people, however, in this increasingly rapid payment today, is also facing a variety of risks. Not only shopping malls can use mobile payment, cigarette retail customers have gradually spread. Of course, while enjoying the convenience of mobile payments, but also to guard against the risks it brings. Today I teach you how to prevent four strokes of this risk:

1, on the phone to set a more complex lock screen password. Apple mobile phone equipment can choose: set Touch ID and password, change the password: password option – Custom alphanumeric passwords with fingerprint function, equipment is difficult to break off the USB; Android equipment debugging, closed only after the restore factory settings can unlock the mobile phone, but all the data inside the mobile phone that will disappear also, there is no possibility of stolen brush.

2, open the Alipay to find the set of pay setting free secret payments — a small free secret pay off, also set up inside the payment, debit order — closed system automatic selection, this setting, when the lack of balance will not automatically switch to the other bank card.


3, a new mobile phone we will open Alipay Alipay such settings, and to find the set of security center security protection tool, equipment management: clear in addition to all other devices, this mobile phone in this way, even if the old mobile phone was stolen when you open Alipay also need to re-enter the password to use.

4, Alipay and WeChat – Open payment – suspended – determined, after we set each consumer payment time required to produce two-dimensional code are required to enter a password or by gesture password authentication, which can prevent the mobile phone is lost by scanning the two-dimensional code to pay may be fraudulent.

5, pay attention to the use of WeChat pay: find Wallet – payment management – Open gesture password. After this is set to open the WeChat wallet need gesture unlock.


mobile payment is very convenient, however, once the mobile phone is lost, it is possible for the machine and bring great losses, therefore, if you want to prevent this risk, several methods above Xiaobian introduced might think, to pay a password to your mobile, security higher.

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