August 3, 2021

Xinmi the establishment of professional cooperatives to promote the village to get rich

innovation and entrepreneurship blown to the countryside in the East, to the vast number of villagers brought unprecedented opportunities to get rich. Relying on the abundant agricultural resources, the majority of rural people began a modern agricultural entrepreneurial journey.

in the construction of farms in the town sub village committee cadres leadership, relying on the advantages of grid management, the implementation of nanny service, on-site office line, timely solve the area as well as water, electricity, road, and the license for the problem.

now, driven by Xu Yunfeng, there are more than and 20 local people left behind by adoption of the way, breeding sheep more than and 200, an annual increase of income of 100 thousand yuan. Xu Yunfeng also bold innovation, investment 150 thousand yuan by the "Internet plus" mode, the development of online pastures attract City adoption in the online virtual space for online pet adoption has become the new fashion of local culture.

for the rich people’s nightlife, Xu Yunfeng also set up fans stage farming cooperatives, Houzhuang, double floor, railway near the village of fans to the stage, every day attracted hundreds of people watching. Also run Cara OK, attracting young people activities, with mutton barbecue night market. Xu Yunfeng was selected one or two additional monthly, third-prize the best program award 1000 yuan, 500 yuan, 300 yuan, not only enrich the cultural life of the masses, but also improve the cultural literacy, now people playing mahjong gambling, between East parents Lee short inverted gossip phenomenon stir up enmity has disappeared.

Focus on the construction of

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