August 5, 2021

Tips to teach you to open a good brand of women’s shoes store

women like to buy new clothes, new shoes, so there are many opportunities for the women’s shoes market, want to do business friends can open a brand shoe store. Now the women’s shoes market competition is more intense, want to successfully open the brand shoes store, to grasp some tips shop.

to brand shoes stores opened the first store decoration is not full of sound and colour, lighting and color display of sloppy shoes is very important. It can strengthen the popular theme and coordination with the women’s shoes. The correct shade of light will become the window will change and the unity of the whole, primary and secondary, attractive, the central part of the general window is to produce a unified whole, primary and secondary, fascinating.

shoes and accessories with the background to have a certain contrast. But we should pay attention to the outstanding commodity. If the white shoes display background with large flowers red, can make the shoes image fade, at least to the background brightness reduced or illusory image processing; if the winter’s gaudy and thick, background color and use some green; if the "pink collar class" popular shoes, green will reduce purity that is, white or black. Women’s shoes, light and soft.


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