August 1, 2021

Yantai will set up an entrepreneurial university and the creation of a college

entrepreneurship can not be separated from the cultivation of talent, the government to encourage colleges and universities to carry out a number of entrepreneurship education for college graduates to choose the path of entrepreneurship to reduce the difficulty. Yantai city government is unique, will set up a dedicated entrepreneurial college, specializing in the development of outstanding entrepreneurs.

to accelerate public record space and other new business service platform construction, promote public entrepreneurship, innovation, the birth of economic and social development of the new power. The day before, the Yantai municipal government issued "on accelerating the development of the public record space to promote the guidance of mass innovation and entrepreneurship" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions").

"opinion" is mentioned, in 2016, the establishment of Yantai University and Yantai Institute of business guests, annual training of all kinds of entrepreneurs 15 thousand people, after the training of entrepreneurial activity participation rate more than 80%, the success rate of entrepreneurship is more than 10%; completed 1-2 multi-creation spatial aggregation demonstration area, the establishment of public record space and other new business service platform 1 more than a county city.

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