August 4, 2021

Hi tech Zone held an innovation and entrepreneurship conference to promote the three venture

venture is a topic but also a commonplace talk of an old scholar, the country and the construction of the important work of Shandong Province, the importance of the reform did not forget the innovation work, before the date of the meeting held only for innovation and entrepreneurship, to promote "three business".

2 25, high-tech zone held an innovation and entrepreneurship conference to mobilize the region to strive to promote the work of the last venture, and strive to achieve a higher level of new development in the three. Municipal Committee, Party Secretary of the CPC Committee of high tech Zone Wang Xianling attended and spoke.

comprehensive strength to a new level, the industry entered the high-end, innovation capability significantly enhanced the global city on the new level, opening up to create a new pattern, better protect and improve people’s livelihood.

specific tasks in action, five points. First, adhere to innovation and development, science and technology to foster new energy support. Two is to adhere to coordinated development, enhance the new level of urban development. Three is to adhere to green development, to create a new system of modern industry. Four is to adhere to the open development, to build the international advanced area. The five is to share the development, create new construction of people’s livelihood and welfare.

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