August 5, 2021

What is the name of the tea shop

shop name for the long-term development of the store has a very big influence, therefore, if you want to make a shop business is hot, you need to get a better name for the shop. However, it’s a good idea to get a good name for the store. So, what is the name of the tea shop?

first, the words should be short and fine. The company, the tea shop name more than three words in the name of its business with the name of the project is not appropriate, such as feel love underwear, underwear, underwear and other lady, even more than three words, is not the best form of phrase.

second, follow the rules of language usage. Language has its own rules, in use should pay attention to grasp the following three points:

1, you can create your own name;

2, a tea shop name or word meaning of words must be clear, can be the general interpretation of


3, the name of the tea shop to go according to the rules of grammar to the combination of words, too long collocation can not violate the rules of word structure, in order to deliberately confuse the words and expressions of the rules of the structure of the hype is not responsible for the community.

third, tea shop name attached to the name of the meaning and meaning. The core problem of business naming lies in the meaning of words. Because Chinese characters are ideographic characters, because the shape is characteristic of its semantic meaning is shown, whether the general words or business name, people have formed the "name" habit, generally do not accept those who had no intention of love can speak words.

is now a lot of shopkeepers, but also attaches great importance to the name of the shop, but also know the importance of such a name, but in the work of the official launch is always easy to break all kinds of mistakes. So, if you want to name the tea shop, do you know what is the method? The contents of the above introduction will arouse your attention?