August 4, 2021

How to run a mother and child shop

The development of

at present the baby industry is very fast, a lot of people who want to start a business also felt such opportunities exist, along with the national two-child policy open, maternal and child supplies market has broad space for development, maternal and child supplies stores are rapid development in China, but still exists some problems and gaps in the market in many places, still not mature, domestic maternal stores are still not how to improve, how to run a baby shop, let you in the maternal market talent shows itself, to share some good business methods below.

first, the scope of business to be comprehensive:

baby daily category: child chair, bed, table, children carts walker, mattress, pillow etc..

baby daily food: milk, fruit juice, puree, Rice noodles etc..

toys: educational toys, other toys.

‘s clothing and shoes: maternity dress, women shoes, baby clothes, baby hat.

early education series: a variety of early education products books, CDs, etc.. Puzzle: stories, songs, English, dance early education, etc..

two, a complete set of conditions:

store area: Dayun 40 ~ 50 square meters, is not too big, a waste of money, but also not too small, then the layout is too crowded to give consumers a good impression; Funds: decoration + + shelves + purchase + rent for the first time the flow of funds of about 30000 yuan (if stores pay jiamengfei).

three: suitable business model:

The best

membership system, can write down all the information to the members of the baby, you can send birthday gifts and blessings (this is a good way to buy the heart); from time to time to print some data in the nursery store to get some more free; high quality brand goods such as Johnson, yellow duckling, IVORY and so on.

baby industry market prospect is great, if you want to tap this opportunity, do not miss said today, the maternal and child supplies the domestic market is not fully mature, there is a great space for development, this is the intention of friends can refer to the above recommendations, seize the opportunity, to open a comprehensive the baby shop that can let you quickly gain a firm foothold in the market more and better development of maternal and infant.

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