August 4, 2021

To encourage entrepreneurship in Hebei province to create favorable conditions

recently, 19 Business Incubator demonstration park officially established in Hebei, in order to encourage entrepreneurship, the Hebei provincial government is also a fight, and actively create a good social conditions for entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs in Hebei Province, but also a lot of benefits ah. Of course, the country such as the Hebei provincial government to actively create a good environment for the government also.

from the committee discussion the province’s colleges and universities students’ venture incubator demonstration garden construction experience exchange and entrepreneurship education expert guidance on prior to the convening of the meeting was informed that the Hebei University, Hebei University of Technology and other 19 Universities College Business Incubator Park as "Hebei province college business incubator Park" in the project construction, at the same time, Hebei University, Hebei University Of Science and Technology, Shijiazhuang University Of Economics, Yanshan University Hebei United University Institute of light industry was identified as the Provincial Department of human resources and social business incubators in Hebei Province, and give 7 million 400 thousand yuan prize for capital and entrepreneurial incubator pilot project funds, through radiation and Incubation Park and business incubator of the leading role, and actively promote entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurial activities in full swing in Colleges and universities in our province.

has developed "on the strengthening of entrepreneurship education for college students to promote college students’ entrepreneurial activities of the" opinions "on further improving the college graduates employment guidance and service work of views" and other documents, to carry out the guiding ideology of entrepreneurship education in Colleges and universities in our province, the implementation of the target, organization guarantee, and the content of entrepreneurship education, and teachers the construction of teaching and research, and how to support the practice of college students put forward guidance, and improve the college graduates employment guidance and service system and operation mechanism. 2014, the Provincial Department of education has also set up a general education in Hebei province and secondary vocational education expert Steering Committee, entrepreneurship education in Colleges and universities to carry out research, consulting, guidance and services.

The practice of entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurship development

, cannot do without high-quality entrepreneurship education teachers. In order to improve entrepreneurship education teachers’ theoretical level and practical ability, from 2009 onwards, in the province of university occupation guidance teachers training, entrepreneurship education as a separate module, enterprises and universities to invite well-known experts and scholars, the university occupation guidance the teachers to carry out targeted training, popularization of the theory of entrepreneurship education. To improve their practical ability.

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