August 5, 2021

Three girls online venture flowers considerable revenue

girls love flowers, as girls, I am no exception, as many of us girls are thought to open a flower shop, but basically all want to stay in it, but some people really do have three sisters, they opened a flower shop, flowers more beautiful is to bring a beautiful life for them, let us go and see them and their shop!

semi annual planning to seek product positioning

in the launch of the "miss J Florist" before the van has been working in Urumqi, a Real Estate Company for eight years, it should be said that the work experience of the past eight years enough to allow her to continue to live without worry. "The three of us are passionate about life, and we are not willing to live a life of mediocrity." Fan Yujia revealed. It is such a passion on the three hit it off and go together.

Fan Yujia plays a cheerful and lively, micro-blog, WeChat promotion, Wen Jin Qu ingenuity, responsible for product design, and the work of the CoCo is writing, those beautiful words are from her hand. Since the clear division of labor, the big screen will be opened.

"our flower shop is located in what group, how to promote our flower shop and product, what kind of product is liked by the client…… Too many things we need to think, to plan, to learn." Fan Yujia said.

they immediately decided to spend three months in the formal business before studying floral, spent three months to study the market. Qu Wenjin and Fan Yujia will be the florist positioning in the high-end customer customized service, due to the two initial venture capital limited, coupled with the previous six months of preparation, they can not afford the high rent, only open online shop.

travel experience in France and Italy, so that two people come into contact with a kind of immortal flower. This kind of flower can be three years old, and it can be processed by special technology. Fan Yujia immediately locked the product in the flowers and roses.

if you think they just copy the introduction of eternal life in Europe, it is wrong, "we are not only selling flowers, but also creative, but also a story." Fan Yujia said. Miss J florist can be customized according to the customer’s mood, preferences, constellations and so on for the customer special bouquet.

according to the number of flowers, their color, design different products, there is only love series, flowers series, bright series, watch series, gift boxes and other guns and roses. Bright series "time domain bay" is the favourite work of Jin Qu. "Seeing the bay of time reminds me of the years that have passed." Qu Wenjin said.

twice bumpy product promotion


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