August 5, 2021

Operating men’s stores to share tips

men’s franchise stores need to pay attention to certain skills, if you can seize the main points of men shopping, you can put forward solutions targeted to attract the eyes of men. If you want to learn more skills, then look at the small series to ensure that you will not regret it.

According to the characteristics of male


if there is a female companion a men’s clothing store, how to sell


menswear stores men’s products, although it is put to a man’s body, but to buy men’s clothing products are women. We see a business with a female companion a men’s clothing store shopping men, so we discuss the male shopping is very clear: they also have no claims, most of the claims from the escort (of course, do you find in time, accompanied by no influence him into what is the effect of shoppers alone, he with you major). This time we say, his wife (girlfriend, friends) color act, not light judgment, not to say nonsense, just put in place is the hospitality service action, the couple just in front of the shoes. Even the center of your service needs to be transferred to them (the attendant): gossip, praise, recognition.

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