August 4, 2021

How to open Taobao store Taobao clothing store

is now online shopping has become a very popular way of shopping at the same time, there are a lot of people have the idea of online shopping, Taobao store has the market very much, then how Taobao Couture? Today Xiaobian together to learn


1, wearing the purchase: the wholesale market, which is a wide variety of buyers wear, so we feel that what kind of wear does not matter. This concept is wrong, do not be too formal and too stylish dignified (how to say the final strength of the gas live ah), it is recommended casual casual dress is better ~~

2, purchase tools: the magic weapon to win, and quickly write down ~ ~ ~ with a black plastic bag, but this is a sign to get the wholesale market ah! I tried it myself, but the boss gave you a different price. Of course, if preparing a massive purchase, pull a two wheeled car is no doubt your identity (no way ah, now a lot of people to buy their own also known as goods, then buy one or two……)

3, purchase terms: how much to take the price; how to take; how to grant this one; take how much can also offer (do not layman to say: "this how to sell a")

4, purchase budget: according to the situation of their own shop, clear each purchase or replenishment of funds, types, quantity, so even if it does not have to overspend.

5, purchase survey: each city has a lot of small and large wholesale market, so want to buy a good variety, the choice of a few comprehensive index of the wholesale market began to investigate it. At this time there are two good habits: interested in sourcing to ask for the name card or pen and paper (so to take a pen and notebook, the wholesaler o) content: price, quality and quantity of goods, at least get return, packaging, replenishment convenience etc.. The collection of information collected for comparison, and then determine the OK. Recommendations do not have time to investigate in detail the friends, do not enter the market immediately shot, turn more than a few, or regret again and again!

6, to determine the purchase: in accordance with the information directly to the goods after the investigation is that the process of attention to three points. The first is the promised return principle, that will be assured of a packaging bag, you don’t need to adhere to the one to check, wholesalers will think you don’t want to trouble stingy, after long-term cooperation with you ~ ~ ~ ~ is the second purchase quantity price list must be retained to record stock but also to retreat replacement certificate. The third point is the relationship maintenance, whether to open shop or store, will be continuous replenishment and purchase, so each purchase process, to communicate with the wholesalers, which not only can maintain a good relationship, familiar with the price and quantity is negotiable, but also to understand their purchase experience, do not underestimate this people in the political arena, qualifications can be older than you ah!

7, purchase summary: for wholesalers to keep good contact, at the same time sum up their purchase process, recommend

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