August 4, 2021

Korean fried chicken has become a hard dish in China

is now in the market Chinese fried chicken popularity can be said to be obvious to people at the same time, many people, now in micro-blog circle of friends, there are many different articles about fried chicken and beer.

there is a sale of authentic Korean fried chicken restaurant in Nanjing, the reporter learned that, in South Korea, fried chicken is really hard vegetables a Korean characteristic! Through a drama, chowhound who only understand Korean food, in addition to Hot pot bibimbap rice cake, there are many unknown delicious.

beer and fried chicken from "hot hot drama from the stars you", for the goddess thousands ode Iraq a "snow, how can have fried chicken and beer, Kendl Ki Mai Don Laurie appeared in the number with the beer and fried chicken on grass root men and women.

forest for 45 years old this year, from Daegu to South Korea in 2003, with the whole family came to Nanjing, has been 11 years. And a lot of foreign students in the background of the Korean restaurant owner is different, he also operates a fried chicken shop in South Korea, the name is also called cuckoo chicken".

in Korea, fried chicken is a hard food, almost equivalent to the status of Chinese restaurant pickled fish. Lin said that in South Korea had a survey, 100 people call the takeaway, about 90 will choose to eat fried chicken. In South Korea, fried chicken shop all over the world, by several large scale business group, a small city commercial street will generally have several fried chicken shop, the county township will also have a lot of store distribution, can be said to be the national level delicacy. Fried chicken shop fierce competition, so there will always be a protagonist in the drama to eat fried chicken lens, mostly fried chicken chain group implanted advertising.

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