August 4, 2021

Money should be creative

‘s business as a rigid, not fresh, and now the business also need to inject fresh blood, we all have to love new things, it will open another vast market for you, you will see how to innovation.

A, break the normal procedure of

Swiss Home tab commercial stone case, with stone features to meet customer psychological difference, win the favor. Stone table retail price of $195, strong reaction test. Japan has a cosmetics company, extracted from the eggshell membrane powder, made of advanced cosmetics, with the elimination of skin spots, reduce wrinkles, keep skin delicate and smooth, etc., very popular with customers.

two, fantasy

Some people think beyond the development of peculiar commodity

, often can win in the market competition. Such as Brazil, St Paul, the city of Iraq, specializing in the production of some of the amazing goods: ball pen length of 2/3 meters, 1/3 meters of cigarettes, public telephone 8 meters high, playing cards, there are so big open paper. As a result, the town has become a "giant city", tourists, shopping merchants reached about 100000 people.

three, making the news

Hongkong operating a glue shop, located on a little-known street, the business is very bad. One day, the owner of the store posted a notice on the door: "nine o’clock tomorrow morning, this will be sold by the store to glue a $4500 gold stick on the wall, if there is any gentleman, miss it with my hands off, this gold offered him (she), this shop will never promise!" the news spread like wildfire. The next day, the shop was packed with people, and the video of the TV station opened. The owner took a bottle of glue, repeat aloud in the announcement promised, then in the piece of gold from the jewellery shop made back coated with a thin layer of glue, paste it on the wall, one by one, to try their luck, the gold is still. Since then, the store’s strong glue sales surge.

cited polishing jade

in a town 30 kilometers outside of the hillside, a piece of gally. The owner of this piece of land, has been lamented to the ground

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