August 1, 2021

Outdoor supplies store business matters needing attention

as people improve the living conditions of modern people leisure entertainment also tend to personalized fashion, now more and more people travel, so for the outdoor consumption demand is also more and more high, many businesses saw the market opportunities, investment accounts outside the shop, then how to open an outdoor goods store? Investors need to pay attention to the following points:

open outdoor store business note 1 to be interested in outdoor activities.

open outdoor home store investment in fifteen yuan or so, which is the first time the purchase of the need for greater spending, followed by the store rent is sixty thousand. It is reported that as long as the business is not too bad, one year can recover the cost of investment. General outdoor supplies customers, usually friends, and friends who have a relationship with the people, so as to form a virtuous circle, expanding consumer groups. So, looking for a like-minded outdoor enthusiasts do collaborators, means to find a group of potential consumer groups. The most important thing is, if the operator does not understand the outdoor sports, but to sell products, and no professionals to promote it, promote it, the store is difficult to develop. Keep a good relationship with the partners and distribute the profits at the end of the year. Responsible for daily management (such as purchase, sales, etc.) shareholders, monthly wages. The outdoor store is open from 10 a.m. to about 10 in the evening. It takes between 2 and 3 clerks.

outdoor supplies store operators can be 2 outdoor products brand.

at present, outdoor products or foreign brands. Foreign brands with a long history, high quality and favored by outdoor sports enthusiasts. However, due to the high price of foreign brands, agency fees high, complex purchase channels, so the purchase cost is also high. Although the domestic outdoor products manufacturers have just started, but the development is very fast, has been the rise of a two strong enterprises. Outdoor store can choose to act as a product, will help stabilize the supply and product quality, but also to minimize the cost of purchase.

open outdoor store operators pay attention to the reasonable arrangement of 3 product structure.

outdoor activities including many types, there are bags, outdoor clothing, footwear, tents, outdoor lighting, outdoor food, water, mountain climbing, protective drugs and tools / equipment / books / audio, field glasses, sleeping etc.. According to the degree of durability of outdoor products to arrange product structure, such as travel bags and tents can be used for a long time, in the purchase should pay attention to the quantity should not be too large, should be in the brand and style of diversification. Footwear and the wild diet is less durable goods, outdoor supplies shop in addition to ensure the quality of products, also should have reserves in quantity. On the big side, because the bag and outdoor sleeping products are very important for outdoor sports, so customers in the purchase of such a thing to be careful

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