August 1, 2021

The 13th Five Year change in eight digital life on

13th Five-Year 2016 China planning is the development of the digital program, most can explain the problem, the following small series will lead everyone to see. "13th Five-Year" program, eight digital is how to change life, change life in 13th Five-Year and what sign?

5000 Wan

debugging of intelligent robot senior engineer, take care of the details of the marriage date planner, evaluation of hotel services division, room experience for young parents. Early childhood teachers share…… The next five years, these new industries, new jobs, I’m afraid it will quietly replace some of the factory assembly line, becoming a hot job positions.


"13th Five-Year" plan, new urban jobs over 50 million people, than the 12th Five-Year employment target more than about 5000000 people, this means that China will implement a more proactive employment policy, create more jobs. So many new jobs come from? Modern service industry. Zheng Dongliang, director of human resources and Social Security Institute of labor science, the outline proposed to accelerate the development of high quality and efficient service industry. Five years later, the industry is expected to absorb employment accounted for more than half of the employment opportunities will be more than third.

"13th Five-Year" plan clearly put forward to implement a more active employment policy, create more jobs, efforts to solve the structural contradiction of employment, encourage entrepreneurship to employment, to achieve full and high quality employment". And at the same time, put forward to improve the employment service system, implementing lifelong occupation skill training system, carry out the children of poor families, no studies in early high school graduates, migrant workers, unemployed and retired soldiers, the reorientation of workers and persons with disabilities receive free occupation training action. Zheng Dongliang believes that these policy measures targeted, workable, will give priority to the successful employment of key groups to effectively promote.

"special outline reflects the importance of training. This series of training plan implementation, will improve their employment ability, on the one hand to the workers, to realize full employment of higher quality, on the other hand it can better meet the needs of economic and social development, to resolve the structural contradictions of employment." Zheng Dongliang said.

5575 Wan

5575 million people want to be rich, but also the first road, this road is not only the life of the asphalt road, but also the power of high-speed road, information highway". According to the "13th Five-Year" program, in the poor areas of China will build 152 thousand kilometers formed through the village road asphalt (cement), broadband network coverage 9 recommended

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