August 3, 2021

Looking for projects to join the time to pay attention to what


now more and more people to join the project for doing business, China Merchants join the industry a lot of crooks take this opportunity to dragons and fishes jumbled together, looting, cheated a lot of money to join! The following small series for the majority of franchisees to join the relevant knowledge, so as to avoid cheating you join!

What should notice when looking for

must be legally registered company or line number, and the object must be signed on behalf of the company’s legal representative. What do you need to pay attention to? In addition, the franchise is to join the headquarters of the franchise to the use of the franchise, the headquarters must first have the brand’s trademark rights can be authorized to join.

What should notice when looking for

What should notice when

: General Provisions for the project to join

What should notice when

The headquarters of the


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