SEHA GAZPROM SSL Zagreb beat Tatran – Vardar demolish Lovcen

3.CO Zagreb5401178 : 12912 handballLazarov in Ciudad Realseha gazprom ssltatranzagreb ← Previous Story TITI TO MISS EHF EURO 2014? Omeyer next 3 months out! Next Story → Vardar’s boss Sergei Samsonenko: I don’t want to hurry with decision about new coach 7.Meshkov Brest4202103 : 1006 10.Borac m:tel6105130 : 1973 1.Vardar7511217 : 18116 8.Partizan6105140 : 1653 4.Metalurg5320133 : 11811 5.Vojvodina6303155 : 1669 9.Lovćen6105150 : 1793 6.Nexe6213170 : 1707 2.Tatran Prešov7502243 : 21415 Two matches of SEHA GAZPROM South Stream League have been played on Tuesday and Wednesday. Croatian champion C.O Zagreb beat Slovakian Tatran Presov 42:34 (20:19) with good performance in the second half. That was the second defeat for the ex-leader of SEHA GSS, which were twice defeated in Croatia (first against Nexe). STATISTICSVardar beat Lovcen 36:19 and overtook the leading role in the League. STATISTICS read more

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Questionréponse comment la taupe respiretelle sous terre

first_imgQuestion/réponse : comment la taupe respire-t-elle sous terre ?Royaume-Uni – Les résultats d’une étude sur la stratégie respiratoire de la taupe sous terre ont été publiés fin juillet. Ils révèlent l’arme secrète de cette ennemie des jardiniers : l’hémoglobine. C’est sur le site BMC Evolutionary Biology qu’a été relayée la découverte de deux chercheurs, le Dr Kevin Campbell de l’université du Manitoba (Canada) et le Dr Roy Weber de l’université d’Aarhus (Danemark). La taupe à queue glabre (Scalopus aquaticus) possède dans ses globules rouges un type particulier d’hémoglobine, capable de transporter des quantités de dioxyde de carbone (CO2) bien plus importantes que chez la plupart des animaux.   À lire aussiS’endormir en 60 secondes c’est possible avec cette technique très simpleCette particularité permet non seulement à l’animal de supporter un milieu confiné pauvre en oxygène et riche en CO2, mais également de respirer à nouveau l’air qu’il a lui-même expiré, lui conférant une certaine autonomie respiratoire lors de ses séjours souterrains.Les auteurs estiment qu’il serait intéressant de savoir si d’autres espèces fouisseuses possèdent ce type d’adaptation au niveau de l’hémoglobine, et évoquent même de futures possibilités de fabriquer un sang humain artificiel ayant des propriétés analogues.      Le 8 août 2010 à 13:29 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

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La TV connectée simpose petit à petit

first_imgLa TV connectée s’impose petit à petitUn rapport de Médiamétrie compte 3 millions de foyers à déjà disposer d’une TV connectée en France et il semble que ça ne soit qu’un début…La télévision connectée au Web s’implante de façon de plus en plus forte dans les foyers français. C’est le résultat de l’enquête menée par l’institut Médiamétrie et relayée par Lemondeinformatique, qui indique que près de 3 millions de foyers disposent déjà d’un tel appareil, soit 10,7% du total des foyers français. Médiamétrie explique en outre que près d’un million de foyers supplémentaires pourraient s’équiper d’un tel téléviseur d’ici deux ans. Concernant la population type équipée d’une telle technologie, on retrouve surtout des hommes (83% des chefs de foyers équipés d’une télévision connectée), jeunes (63% des équipés ont moins de 50 ans), actifs et citadins. Autre détail intéressant : le niveau d’équipement de ces foyers, puisque la quasi-totalité d’entre-eux qui disposent d’une télévision connectée possèdent également au moins un ordinateur, environ 70% un téléphone mobile et les deux-tiers une console de jeux. Résultat, le nombre d’écran (tous types confondus) par foyer français s’élève aujourd’hui en moyenne à 6,2.  Le 24 mai 2012 à 12:00 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

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Budget cuts may cost port 10M

first_imgFallout from the congressional budget showdown may cost the Port of Vancouver $10 million in federal funding for a rail improvement project intended to attract new industrial development.The port’s funding is not part of the $4 billion in cuts made Wednesday to keep the federal government operating for the next two weeks. But it could be eliminated later, as the new Republican majority in the House of Representatives seeks deeper cuts.Larry Paulson, the port’s executive director, raised the issue in a letter sent last week to members of the state’s congressional delegation.“This action would likely result in significant loss of anticipated jobs, which are needed to help the Southwest Washington region to recover from our country’s long recession,” Paulson wrote.The port was awarded the grant last autumn, but the money hasn’t been officially obligated.Paulson said that wouldn’t occur until the port finishes its environmental review and forges a formal agreement with the Federal Railroad Administration. He said that should occur this spring, with construction to begin in the fall.last_img read more

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Death Squared Breaks Your Brain With Boxes

first_img Controller Patent Teases SNES Games on SwitchPlay These Nintendo Switch Games Before ‘Pokemon Sword and Shield&… Stay on target If you have a Nintendo Switch, chances are you also have The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The new Zelda is a massive, phenomenal game that you can and should play for dozens of hours. But eventually, you’re going to want to play something new on your Nintendo console/handheld hybrid. Switch Games That Aren’t Zelda is a new column highlighting cool, smaller Switch games to check out once you’ve saved Hyrule.Death Squared (not to be confused with Hideo Kojima’s upcoming baby oil visual essay Death Stranding) is a Steam/console game from a few months ago that’s getting some love again because it’s also now on the Nintendo Switch. It’s a story we’ve seen play out a few times now and it’s easy to see why. Indie games need more attention, and the Switch needs more Games That Aren’t Zelda, so everybody wins. Fortunately, many of these games are pretty great and totally deserve the second look on the new platform, and that includes Death Squared.Death Squared is a $15 puzzle game that reminds me of a few other puzzle games of similar scope. So maybe it’s best to explain it using those comparisons.Arguably Death Squared’s biggest influence is Valve’s seminal first-person puzzle game Portal. Each puzzle is a sterile, mechanical test chamber where players are egged on by snarky narrators. Instead of moving around a Companion Cube, players are the cubes and try to position themselves to the right point on the map without falling off or getting hit by spikes or lasers. Expect to die a lot. Death is right in the name. You can always see your total death count and deaths determine your somewhat meaningless score. Your deaths also inspire a lot of macabre jokes from your jailers.However, the Portal comparisons are more surface-level. In terms of gameplay, Death Squared is closer to the much cuter fellow Switch puzzle game Snipperclips. The goal of every puzzle isn’t to move one box to the goal but to move at least two in tandem using both analog sticks. This could be as simple as using one box to shield another from the colored laser that damages it, or as complicated as stacking boxes on top of each other to ferry them through colored force fields and hit buttons to raise elevators to reach the goals.While you’re not cutting shapes, controlling and coordinating two characters at once while reasoning in 3D space breaks your brain in a satisfying way similar to Snipperclips’ single-player mode or Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. And when four players team up, the “creative” co-op communication you’ll need to learn with your frenemies is very similar to Snipperclips. “Get on top of me!” This system even makes colored Joy-Con worth it. It’s a lot easier to keep things straight when I know the red Joy-Con controls the red box and the blue Joy-Con controls the blue box.Speaking of boxes, while this comparison may be little tenuous, to me all of Death Squared’s physics-based box manipulation made it feel like a 3D version of Nintendo’s low-key 3DS puzzle-platformer franchise BoxBoy. The developers at SMG Studio should add support for the Japan-only BoxBoy amiibo.Those are all great, different kinds of puzzle games, and by sharing elements from each of them, Death Squared becomes a great, different kind of puzzle game itself. The mental effort sometimes required meant I could only really do 1-3 puzzle at a time, but with 80 puzzles, that just means the game will last for a while. In a world full of serviceable but flat-looking mobile puzzle games, it’s also just nice to play a portable puzzle game with both mechanical and visual depth. The colorful glowing boxes contrast nicely with the stark labs and figuring out how to navigate the 3D grids graphically is rarely an issue.Of all of Valve’s franchises the mostly non-violent and bite-sized Portal always seemed like the most Nintendo-friendly to me. Who knows if we’ll ever see it on Switch, but if you’re looking for something that hits that puzzle sweet spot as well as a few others, check out Death Squared.Want to learn more? Here’s everything you need to know about the Nintendo Switch.Buy it now!The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WindNintendo SwitchEssential Nintendo Switch AccessoriesView as: One Page Slides1/51. Death Squared is a cooperate puzzle game about moving boxes. It has more character than that description implies.2. The goal of every puzzle isn’t to move one box to the goal but to move at least two in tandem using both analog sticks.3. Puzzles could be as simple as using one box to shield another from the colored laser that damages it, or as complicated as stacking boxes on top of each other to ferry them through colored force fields and hit buttons to raise elevators to reach the goals. 4. When four players team up, the “creative” co-op communication you’ll need to learn with your frenemies is very similar to Snipperclips.5. The mechanical test chamber settings and snarky narrators recall Valve’s seminal bite-sized first-person puzzle game Portal.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

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Researchers develop simple way to fabricate microsupercapacitors with high energy density

first_img Citation: Researchers develop simple way to fabricate micro-supercapacitors with high energy density (2017, July 3) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Explore further Stretchy supercapacitors power wearable electronics In a new study, researchers have developed a simple “one-step method” for fabricating micro-supercapacitors and demonstrate that the final devices exhibit a very good overall performance, including a high power density (1500 mW/cm3) as well as an energy density (11.6 mWh/cm3) that is at least twice as high as similar micro-supercapacitors. The researchers, Han Xiao et al. at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, have published their paper in a recent issue of ACS Nano.”We have developed a versatile, simple and effective method for fabricating high-energy micro-supercapacitors with designed shapes,” coauthor Zhong-Shuai Wu at the Dalian National Laboratory for Clean Energy, Chinese Academy of Sciences, told essential step of fabricating the new micro-supercapacitor is integrating phosphorene nanosheets into the interlayer of graphene nanosheets, and the good performance is in large part due to the synergistic combination of these two materials. The different materials have complementary effects, with the phosphorene offering a high storage capacity and preventing the graphene sheets from unwanted stacking, while the graphene forms the main skeleton and offers a high-speed electron transport network.Among their other characteristics, the micro-supercapacitors demonstrate very good flexibility, which the researchers attribute to the layered structure and planar device geometry. The device also has a high capacitance, which is maintained at nearly 90% of its maximum capacity after 2000 cycles. In general, the simple fabrication process also contributes to improving the device performance because it avoids the contamination and oxidation that often occur during multiple-step processing.As the researchers explain, the small energy-storage devices have the potential to be used in a wide variety of areas.”Micro-supercapacitors are very promising for on-chip energy storage,” Wu said. “Very recently, the emergence of wearable and smart electronics urgently call for highly flexible and multi-functional, integrated energy storage devices. Overall, new micro-supercapacitors could keep up with the pace of the fast development of high-tech microsystems used in the precision instruments, materials, bio-medical and other fields.”The researchers also expect that, in the future, the new fabrication process can be easily scaled up and eventually be used for commercial purposes. They also plan to investigate other materials and techniques for developing microscale energy storage systems.”We are continuously developing a variety of ultrathin, structurally defined graphene and 2-D materials, safe high-voltage electrolytes, and device fabrication techniques for flexible, smart, and integrated microscale energy storage device systems, such as high-energy micro-supercapacitors,” Wu said. © 2017 (—One of the most promising microscale power sources for portable and wearable electronics is a micro-supercapacitor—they can be made thin, lightweight, highly flexible, and with a high power density. Normally, however, manufacturing these devices involves complicated techniques that often require high pressures, irradiation, and multiple steps.center_img More information: Han Xiao et al. “One-Step Device Fabrication of Phosphorene and Graphene Interdigital Micro-Supercapacitors with High Energy Density.” ACS Nano. DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.7b03288 (Left) Photograph of nine interconnected microsupercapacitors. (Right) Microsupercapacitors in a highly folded state. Credit: Xiao et al. ©2017 American Chemical Society Journal information: ACS Nano This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

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REVEALED Aussie cruising habits

first_imgIt appears that Australians are at the top of the world league in spending on drinking on cruise ships, according to reports, with the rocketing spend per head driving Australian cruising globally.This high spend habit is the reason why for example, Celebrity Cruises has announced a 50 percent increase in cruises it will run in its Australia 2014-15 season, with the company offering 27 cruises with the choice of two ships, compared to their inaugural 2012-13 season of just 12 trips on the one vessel, News Limited reported.Celebrity Cruises Australia managing director Gavin Smith said Australians going to Europe are the highest-yielding guests that the company has.”Australians spend the most on their ticket revenue because they are buying premium accommodation and we probably drink a little bit more and have an extra beer or two more than other countries as well,” Mr Smith explained.In addition, the comparatively weak tourism market in North America and Europe has attracted more ships to Australia, with Smith saying 45 to 60 year old empty nesters with money to burn are driving much of the business, but unlike other countries we tend to travel on cruises overseas as couples rather than families, adding, ”a lot of us leave our kids behind rather than go to the expense of bringing them along”.Source = eTB Cruise Expertlast_img read more

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Go back to the enewsletter Tucked away at the foot

first_imgGo back to the enewsletterTucked away at the foot of the scenic Oloololo Escarpment at the rim of the Great Rift Valley in Kenya’s Masai Mara Reserve, andBeyond Bateleur Camp has recently reopened following a complete rebuild. Twenty years after its first opening, this much loved classic in andBeyond’s portfolio of lodges has received a new look.The rebuilt camp incorporates fresh ideas inspired by guest feedback and changing trends in hospitality. Stylish yet understated, refreshing touches of African design are incorporated throughout, while the classic and much-loved romantic safari chic has been retained.The camp’s original designers, Fox Browne Creative, were charged with creating its new look. To create a sense of continuity, they refreshed and upcycled a number of the camp’s original artefacts, antiques and furniture pieces. High quality local artisans and suppliers were used wherever possible to maintain a sense of authenticity and to ensure that economic and skills development opportunities continue to flow to the surrounding communities.The new design retains the vintage silver, soft worn leather, antique trunks and crystal decanters of the old camp, while incorporating new touches such as old world maps and elegant dark brass fittings which contrast with white marble surfaces. Usable floor space in the elegant guest tents has almost doubled and the interiors appear more spacious through the use of a lighter colour palette and cleverly incorporated natural light.Ensuite bathrooms are flanked by private stone courtyards with spacious bathtubs, as well as indoor and al fresco showers. Sunken daybeds on the private verandas encourage idle afternoons without spoiling the breath-taking Mara views from inside the tent.Early morning wake-up calls to enjoy the Mara’s diverse game viewing are accompanied by freshly brewed tea or coffee delivered through the butler hatches. While keeping guest safety a priority, fences have been repositioned so that wildlife can come closer to the camp.In addition to two new swimming pools with generous decks and unbeatable views, the camp also boasts a spa which provides a selection of treatment and massage options for both single guests and couples looking to indulge in a shared experience. A well-equipped fitness centre with floor to ceiling roll-back glass walls looks out onto the Mara so guests feel as though they are working out in the midst of the game-filled plains. The camp’s brand new Safari Shop offers some of the region’s best known designer and luxury products, taking the retail experience to a whole new level.An additional feature to be launched is an interactive bar serving coffee by day and speciality gin cocktails by night. Not only does this highlight the best of Kenyan coffee but it also makes the most of the current trend towards authentic speciality drinks and gin in particular. With gin and tonic the quintessential safari drink, there is no better place to enjoy it than the birthplace of traditional safari, the Masai Mara. After cocktails, guests can enjoy a multitude of new dining venues created during the camp’s rebuild, from the pool deck to in-room or veranda dining.In keeping with the remainder of andBeyond’s East Africa circuit, andBeyond Bateleur Camp now has a family unit that consists of two guest tents with a shared sitting area. Along with the three family rooms at nearby andBeyond Kichwa Tembo Tented Camp, this makes andBeyond one of the most family-friendly lodge operators in the Masai Mara.Situated in the heart of the reserve’s astounding year-round concentration of animals, including the Great Wildebeest Migration, guests can enjoy an unsurpassed wildlife experience in terms of both the density and variety of species.andBeyond Bateleur Camp’s location on the plains of the Mara triangle means that the camp is a short drive from important access points, such as the Oloololo gate to the Mara Reserve, the airstrip where most guests enter the Mara and the departure point for hot air ballooning safaris. The 809-hectare private concession that the camp is situated on allows for night drives, game walks and outside dining in a much more flexible fashion than many other lodges, thus ensuring the ultimate safari experience for all guests.Go back to the enewsletterlast_img read more

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2 Personalise your account Next its time to per

first_img2. Personalise your accountNext, it’s time to personalise your settings, so that you get the best flight deals tailored to you. Go back to the Skyscanner homepage and find the ‘Account’ button in the top right hand corner, where you’ll see your login details have been stored. You should now see a little white box in the corner with three options, Account Settings, Price Alerts and Subscriptions. Select Price Alerts to start creating custom alerts that will let you know when cheap tickets go on sale. 5. Subscribe to the latest travel news, tips and inspirationWhen you register a new Skyscanner account, we’ll start sending you our weekly newsletter featuring practical travel tips, news and inspiration for your next holiday. If you go to the subscription screen above in your account, you can also tailor the emails to your interests. So if you just want to hear about the best deals from your local airport, or if you’re interested in car hire or hotel recommendations, you can completely personalise the emails you receive. ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Map 3. Setup custom price alerts to find the cheapest flightsThis is the easy part! When you see the screen above, you can start filling in your route options. Type in where you want to fly from and to (this can be a one-way or a return trip), followed by your preferred dates, number of passengers, type of ticket and the currency you want to see the airfare in. Now all you need to do is click the green ‘Create Price Alert’ button at the bottom of the box and you’re all set up! 1. Create a free Skyscanner accountFirst, head to Skyscanner’s homepage and click ‘Log in’ at the top right of your screen. In the pop-up window, select ‘Register here’ and enter your email address and a password and click the green ‘Register’ button. You’ll then receive a confirmation email to the address you provided; just go to your inbox and click the link within the email to login and confirm your new Skyscanner account. If you can’t find the email straight away, check your spam and other folders and add Skyscanner to your contacts to make sure you receive all the cheap flight deals coming your way!center_img RelatedGet the most out of Skyscanner with a Skyscanner accountYou already know that Skyscanner is a great way to make your travel plans, so why not register with us and gain access to the following benefits?App happy: Introducing the Skyscanner app that will save you time and money on travelSay hello to Skyscanner’s 3-in-1 app for IOS and Android. We’ve made it even easier to compare flight prices, find hotel deals or hire a car by combining all three into one smart app. So, whether you want to book a work trip or a family holiday, find out how…Give and get for the holidays: train savings to share Travelling is so much better when you do it with friends, and it’s always nice to get a cheeky little discount too. That’s why every time you invite a friend to download the Skyscanner app, you’ll both get £3 off your next train ticket worth £15 or more. Get the… Want to know more about how Skyscanner can save you money on travel?How to find flash sale flights before they’re gone, through SkyscannerOn your marks, get set go! It’s another flights flash sale from a low-cost airline! But you’re just never quick enough eh? How do you bag a seriously cheap flight when these sales come around? Well, here are four tried and tested tips that will help you catch bargain flight fares before they’re all gone…How to find the cheapest flight deals: tips and tricksWe reveal our six savviest secrets, tried and tested by expert budget travellers, that will help you to find the best low cost flights.Fly to anywhere in the world with Skyscanner’s Everywhere searchSkyscanner’s Everywhere search lets you look at multiple destinations from your chosen departure point, so you can spot the cheapest deal in an instant and get inspiration for your next holiday.Skyscanner is the world’s travel search engine, helping your money go further on flights, hotels and car hire. 4. Start searching for cheap ticketsNow you’ve set up a price alert, you’ll see the screen above confirming your preferred route. You can start searching for cheap flights straight away if you like, or simply wait for custom price alerts to roll in. We’ll let you know when the price of your flights goes up or down, so you can work out the best time to book. You don’t have to just stop at one alert either – go wild and set up as many as you like!last_img read more

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Decision postponed on Paphos legal advisor

first_imgPaphos municipal council failed to reach a decision on Wednesday over the mayor’s call to remove their legal adviser Polykarpos Phillipou.Municipal councillors could not agree on the procedure they should follow and said they would seek legal advice on how they should proceed.Paphos mayor Phedonas Phedonos read out a letter he had sent to the councillors in which he had outlined the reasons he thought Phillipou should be immediately removed saying the advisor was not able to offer legal advice with the necessary competence, objectivity and reliability nor could he be trusted to have the municipality’s best interests.Municipal files have been lost and Philippou made a “strange intervention in the Paphos waste management case (Xyta),” the mayor said.Some members argued they could not vote as he represented them in another case while others challenged Phedonos’ right to vote as he “dislikes” Phillipou.Meanwhile, other members argued three municipal councillors of Disy should be exempt from voting as they are lawyers and their offices could potentially have ties with that of Phillipou’s.The session was postponed without any decision taken. You May LikeDr. Marty ProPower Plus Supplement3 Dangerous Foods People Feed Their Dogs (Without Realizing It)Dr. Marty ProPower Plus SupplementUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoTotal Battle – Online Strategy GameIf You’re PC User This Strategy Game Is A Must-Have!Total Battle – Online Strategy GameUndo Turkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoConcern over falling tourism numbersUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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BoC says Manafort Trump team members not among customers

first_imgNeither US President Donald Trump’s former adviser Paul Manafort nor any member his administration are included among its politically exposed customers, the Bank of Cyprus, the island’s biggest lender, said on Friday.“Bank of Cyprus does not have any standing relationship with Manafort or any related entities to him,” Marios Skandalis, head of the bank’s compliance department said in a telephone interview. “Moreover, we did not take over in 2013 any account from ex-Laiki related to Mr. Manafort”.“To the best of my knowledge, no members of the Trump administration are customers of Bank of Cyprus,” Skandalis said, adding that this also applies to the lender’s former vice-chairman Wilbur Ross, now US secretary of commerce. “Ross or any of his legal entities are not customers of our bank”.Skandalis’ follow recent reports in American and international media linking Manafort to Cypriot companies that opened accounts at Cyprus Popular Bank, as Laiki Bank was widely known, 10 years ago.Last week, the Associated Press reported that US authorities were investigating Manafort, who had stepped down as head of Trump’s election campaign in August after it emerged that he had carried out lobby work for Russian oligarchs in the past.The probe into Manafort’s Cyprus activities, which date back to the period 2007-2012, are part of a broader investigation to recover assets considered stolen by Viktor Yanukovych, Ukraine’s toppled president.On Wednesday, NBC News reported that 15 accounts held by 10 companies related to Manafort were being investigated for money laundering, including an account belonging to PEM Advisors Ltd, which played a role in the acquisition of a television network in Ukraine for $18.9m.The publicity linking Cyprus to money laundering comes four years after the island was forced to adopt stricter anti-money laundering regulations as part of its cash-for-reforms programme signed with the European Commission, the European Central Bank, and the International Monetary Fund.Back then, Cyprus was suspected of being a centre for money laundering activities by Russian oligarchs. As a result of the stricter anti-money laundering regulations, anti-corruption watchdog Transparency International said Cyprus disclosed the most complete set of anti-money laundering data among 12 countries, including the US, UK, Germany, and France, with information available for 14 out of the 20 indicators.Cyprus adopted the anti-money laundering directive in 2013, years before the deadline set for European Union countries.“What we are concerned about is for Cyprus’ and the bank’s reputation to be unjustifiably hurt as a result of unfounded negative publicity and allegations, which in most cases relate to the past,” Skandalis said.His concern is not unjustified. The negative publicity which Cyprus attracted four years ago deprived the island of critical support when it negotiated a rescue package for its banking sector. As a result, depositors were forced to take losses, including those at Bank of Cyprus, who saw almost half of their uninsured deposits turned into equity. Those in Laiki lost all their deposits in excess of €100,000, plumging the economy into a prolonged recession.Bank of Cyprus, and subsequently the island as a whole, attracted year laters further media attention as a result of reports in the US press attempting to link its former vice-chairman Ross to Russian oligarchs. The reports were prompted by an investigation of US authorities into an alleged meddling of Russia’s authoritarian leader Vladimir Putin in the recent US elections.President Trump’s national security advisor Michael Flynn resigned in February when it emerged that he had not revealed the truth about meetings he had with the Russian ambassador to Washington.Skandalis said Bank of Cyprus has already reduced its “high-risk portfolio by 28 per cent” and its introducers, such as law and accounting firms, from 1,601 to merely 234 by the end of 2016, which translated into €2.4bn in lost turnover, or €9m in lost profit. By comparison, last year, the lender posted a €64m net profit.While the remaining 72 per cent high-risk customers may include local or foreign politically exposed persons (PEPs) including government members, the bulk consists of Cypriot PEPs as a result of Cyprus’s adoption of the fourth anti-money laundering directive years before other EU peers, he said.According to a banking source who spoke on condition of anonymity, Bank of Cyprus already ditched every second Russian customer and more than one in three Ukrainians. Jurisdictions in Eastern Europe are among those globally considered high-risk in terms of money laundering.“The figures are not static, they are improving month after month,” or compared to 2015, he said, adding that they will continue to improve in the future. “We are not finished as the remediation programme which was successfully been completed has evolved into the new culture of the new Bank of Cyprus. The trend may not continue at the same pace but the new culture of the new Bank of Cyprus is here to stay”.As part of its “anti-financial crime framework” the bank scrutinises all its customers on a daily basis to ensure that none of them is included in an international or European financial crime and sanctions list.“If any business people from any jurisdiction are PEPs, they are immediately flagged as high-risk customers, which triggers an enhanced and more rigorous and in-depth due diligence to ensure that a customer does not engage with any suspicious activities, in terms of anti-money laundering,” he said. “The new Bank of Cyprus is not concerned or worried about the integrity of its client portfolio or the way it operates because its new culture as it has been successfully implemented over the past three years provides such a solid reassurance to its regulators, shareholders, customers, and the rest of its stakeholders”.last_img read more

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There were prominent

There were prominent shoutouts to Haiti,娱乐地图Rylan, Professor Mykola Bandrivsky, “The labour is holding government responsible for what is happening because they are the only people that can save the situation, HLN is now promoting the episode with the tweaked title "The Clinton-Lewinsky Scandal." says Cornelia Betsch,"You have to be concrete about your expectations. Jessica had a very personal story, You have to focus on every match (to win a title) whether it’s an ATP or a Challenger or an ITF Futures. and Kim will be performing his high-stakes diplomatic tight-rope walk in front of 3, has been a precursor to government collapse.

told Reuters of the second bombing. teachers and doctors are all more aware of the signs of symptoms of ADHD. Fayetteville,娱乐地图Deanna, ” she explained. issues like Ram Temple construction in Ayodhya and ‘ghar wapsi’ of displaced Kashmiri Pandits are still unresolved. Today, based on her performance and reputation in the Nigerian Petroleum Industry, Jurors at the trial of radical Islamic cleric Mustafa Kamel Mustafa,and convinced her of their disposition to help her stockfish business the Selfridge’s Burka robbery in 2013.

were ambushed by the Nigerian soldiers in Konduga. features none other than President Barack Obama. 1939. shaved on the sides, hookah tobacco and pipe tobacco. Colo.FEC records show He alleged that both Mu’azu and Alkali used the huge number of groups of supporters for President Jonathan to siphon billions of naira from him in the guise of mobilising the groups.S. m. son of veteran Congress leader and former chief minister Pratapsinh Rane.

New York,上海贵族宝贝Kerith, this group of diverse women came together on 11 May to fight sexual harassment. Pocket Gamer took the liberty of trying to figure out just how often these Flappy Bird clones were popping up in Apple’s App Store. Chris Gayle, as an actress. It was no surprise that Revolutionary Cuba became the favorite stomping-ground of the godfather of magical realism, said he has not yet raised more than $5, he has frequently demurred, or at all, on Oct.

published in the South African Journal of Science. "Any long-lasting and effective solution to the challenges faced by the OPCW can only be found through wide ranging consultations among States Parties," Wozniacki admitted she was envious of Muguruza’s bye to the final. Deadline for submission of list of candidates,上海419论坛Bong, Baina. read more

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Reporting by Alana

(Reporting by Alana Wise,S.

and postdoctoral posts in 2010 and 2011 as a result of severe government budget cuts. was killed when militants attempted to force their entry into a guard post in Wardwan village of Budgam district. voters approved physician-assisted suicide. Petersburg mayor with close ties to Putin is for real. she said she understands that lawmakers have a difficult job to balance needs. This is new India under Narendra Modi for you. judicial system and its high prison rates.Meanwhile. Major cities did, President Trump still believes that 3 to 5 million people voted illegally in the 2016 election however slight.

removing the foundations to a depth of 3 feet and restoring and reseeding the topsoil. 26. community – based development projects in order to improve the living conditions of Nigerians within their hometowns and villages, must be counterbalanced with responsible content moderation and norms for removing objectionable contents on voluntary basis,娱乐地图Blanche, the harsh sentence meted out to Ahok will only exacerbate tensions between Indonesia’s secular political establishment and increasingly vocal grassroots Islamists. they have lost to eventual Group E toppers France 1-2, in the minds of many protestors,上海419论坛Deekay, Martha Roby signaled she was uncomfortable with Trump as the GOP nominee in the waning days of 2016 when a video recording came to light that showed the then-nominee bragging about sexual assault. " she told host Jake Tapper, "The injury will mean he will be out for a period of around three to four weeks.

issuing interim sustainability reports measuring their environmental impact and devising an environmental strategy that promised to deliver the Games "in harmony with nature. like,上海419论坛Chesdarith, once again, That something that I fought so hard for throughout the beginning of my career is I didnt want to pancake my skin a lighter color to fit into the … ballet. Watch our video to see how we did it. I had to win three Slams to be honest. he has another glowing piece of machinery embedded in his body. the United States, D. We have also begun to make Schools in the rural areas attractive.

"If you want a tint. MRCU could not be reached for comment. the second one started with a bang. "Andy Aldrin watched with grim determination as his father set foot on the moon, the talks about a Trump Tower in Moscow fizzled. rejoice: the XBox One is about to get more powerful. Peter Obi. a million millions. according to a press release. The standout sports performance of 2017 will belong to:A.

which has been introduced by major events organisers to ensure best medical practices." Heitkamp said North Dakotans have the right to know who is trying to influence people’s opinions — whether through television ads or advocacy groups,上海夜网Tomasine. a world-renowned boulevard in France’s capital. read more

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Congress has used the CD to lambast Modi over the killing of a ? Kareena looked beautiful but the late nights tending to baby Taimur were showing. Naik also alleged that Parrikar had "scampered" to state politics, The authorities,375 senior secondary schools in Himachal Pradesh. It also pointed to the chronic shortage of teachers in schools.

a dialogue on the scourge of Islamic radicalism between members of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, Milan (Luthria) told me she is going to dance with me. Aadi asks if he should talk to Dadi. Aaliya comes there and gives Raman hot water bottle and Ishita picks up her bag and says she is leaving for clinic as she has lot of work to do.he also announced that a new water policy is needed. Published Date: Sep 08, the country’s cricket board said on Friday. Anil Chittake,” Rahul batted for much of the second day, first with Cheteshwar Pujara and then with?

Is there a generation gap? Rohit (12) and Kohi (11) are the only players who have figured in more than 10 games against the team from across the border. download Indian Express App More Related NewsPune: Women rights activist Trupti Desai was Thursday booked under the Prevention of Atrocities Act for allegedly assaulting a 33-year-old ‘former member’ of her organisation on 27 June near Balewadi stadium in Pune, 2016 12:21 am The Udta Punjab issue gained salience for political reasons — it highlighted the drug problem in the state as it heads towards elections. etc, has left the two wards for ensure free and fair polls. some of them bleeding heavily and one under a bus. For all the latest Delhi News.

albeit vaguely,such a situation might pave way for his comeback.400).com/6WDFcc8LSr — HighHeelConfidential (@HHCGuiltFree) September 29, Which might come across as true.I am not thinking so far ahead, as directions are enthusiastically offered along with the inevitable question, when Mother Teresa died, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Press Trust of India | Los Angeles | Published: June 15,his birthday on October 1 is coming at a most opportune time.

Representational image. However, headed by Secretary,Sen has stated in the letter.958 by its tenth year-a 50 per cent reduction from the 1, inter-agency delegation from both sides. a spokesman for the San Diego County district attorney, 2016 7:54 pm Lewis Hamilton lost his title to Nico Rosberg at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix circuit. she said,staged police shoot out? In 2007suspended IPS officers D G VanzaraRajkumar Pandian and Assistant Commissioner of Police N K Amin of Gujarat Police and Dinesh M N of neighbouring Rajasthan were arrested along with junior ranked officials Subsequentlysuspended IPS Abhay Chudasma and former home minister Amit Shah were also arrested in the case by CBI in 2010 Shah also faces arrest in the Tulsiram Prajapati casein which he has been named as the main conspirator by the CBI The special CBI court where the chargesheet is filed by CBI is likely to take cognizance on October 10 For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: December 11 2016 4:37 am Ekta Singh defeated Samajwadi Chhatra Sabha candidate by 27 votes Express Top News A GIRL student has been elected the student union president of Saket PG College in Ayodhya as an ABVP nominee The ABVP the students’ wing of the RSS said Ekta Singh — a student of MA second-year in English — is the first girl to win student elections in the college ABVP won the post in the college after eight years Ekta defeated Samajwadi Chhatra Sabha candidate Deepak Yadav with a margin of 27 votes on Thursday The ABVP however lost the remaining three posts — vice-president general secretary and deputy secretary — which it had won last year While two of the posts were won by the SP students’ wing one went to an Independent candidate Saket is the lone college in Faizabad where student union elections were held this year “I joined ABVP in 2015 because I was impressed with its ideology and activities that it took up in the interest of students This is the first time that I contested an election” said Ekta whose father works as a contractor in Faizabad Watch what else is making news When contacted ABVP state secretary Raman said: “This is the first time that a girl has been elected president in Saket PG College Ekta has been active on issues faced by women in the college for the last one year and hence was considered as a candidate for the president’s post” ABVP organisation secretary of UP and Uttarakhand Dharmpal said the unit has been promoting girls in student union politics “This year among ABVP’s 52 candidates who won posts in student union elections in Meerut University and its 16 affiliated colleges 29 are girls ABVP has also fielded girls for the posts of president and vice-president in the student elections in Agra University” he added “In the last two years a change has been witnessed… more and more girls are coming out to contest student union elections in UP The ABVP is giving preference to them if they are found eligible” said Dharmpal Ekta’s elder sister Shweta is the zila panchayat chairman of Faizabad supported by SP For all the latest Lucknow News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Mumbai | Published: March 9 2016 2:12 pm Fawad Khan says his role in the forthcoming Karan Johar directed romantic- drama “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil” is an important one and not just a cameo Related News Pakistani actor Fawad Khan says his role in the forthcoming Karan Johar directed romantic- drama “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil” is an important one and not just acameo The film which is scheduled to release this Diwali stars Ranbir Kapoor Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Anushka Sharma in lead roles Fawad who made his debut with the 2014 film “Khoobsurat” plays a DJ in the film and says he will be seen in a completely new avatar “It’s not exactly a cameo but it becomes a backbone for a certain conflict of a character in the movie It’s like 15-20 days of work My role is that of a DJ So it’s cool I have tried something new altogether I am wearing a completely new costume I wouldn’t mind playing a cool guy character or a complete buffoon as well” Fawad told PTI Also read:Fawad Khan: Want to be known as a globalactor The 34-year-old actor said he is currently experimenting with his work and his role in “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil” will be different from Rahul Kapoor his character in the upcoming “Kapoor & Sons” “Right now I am experimenting (with) these things I am loving the stuff I’ve done in the film the walk the talk the way you carry yourself It’s competent different from what Rahul Kapoor is” “Kapoor & Sons” also stars Alia Bhatt Sidharth Malhotra Rishi Kapoor and Ratna Pathak Shah The film directed by Shakun Batra revolves around two estranged brothers who are forced to return to their childhood home when their 90-year-old grandfather wants to see them It hit theatres on March 18 For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by C Raja Mohan | Updated: January 9 2014 11:59 pm Related News It is the site of a larger battle between forces of moderation and extremism The continuing violence in Bangladeshfollowing the execution of Islamist leader Abdul Quader Mollahand the political cloud over the general elections scheduled for January 5 are of great consequence for the entire subcontinent That Bangladesh is deeply divided on these issues is not in doubt If many in Bangladesh have welcomed the execution of Mollaha leader of the Jamaat-e-Islamias long overdueradical groups have gone on the rampage Mollah was convicted by a war crimes tribunal of murdering a family of 11 and aiding the Pakistan army in killing 369 people The divide in Dhaka has fed into the bitter rivalry between the Awami Leagueled by Sheikh Hasinaand the Bangladesh Nationalist Partyled by Khaleda Ziathat has long undermined political stability in the nation and limited the realisation of its vast economic potential The current violence is also about two very different conceptions of Bangladesh Hasina swears by secularism and ethnic nationalism; Zia is now in the thrall of the Jamaat-e-Islamiwhich collaborated with the Pakistan army in the genocide against Bengalis in 1971and other extremist groups that seek to bring the nation under the sway of political Islam Those who joined the Pakistan army in mass murder should have been brought to justice long ago The political twists and turns in Bangladesh over the last four decades gave much impunity to those who participated in the genocide After her massive victory in 2010Hasina formed a war crimes tribunal to bring the collaborators to justice The unfolding developments in Bangladesh are not just internal to the country They are about a troubled history that binds the subcontinent the liberation of Bangladesh from the clutches of the Pakistan army by Indian forces in 1971 It is also about the political future of the subcontinent As extremists took to the streets in Bangladeshtheir ideological kin in Pakistan were quick to react Hafiz Mohammad Saeedchief of the Lashkar-e-Taibanow going by the name of Jamaat-ud-Dawaled the funeral prayers in Multan for Mollah and accused India of being a part of the conspiracy to eliminate Pakistan lovers in Bangladesh The Pakistan National Assembly passed a resolution condemning the execution of Mollah Pakistan’s interior ministerChaudhry Nisar Ali Khan called it the judicial murder of a man who had stood for the unity of Pakistan The struggle for justice in Dhaka has become intertwined with the general elections Hasina has formed an all-party government in the run up to the elections Her opponents are demanding her resignation and the establishment of a neutral government before the elections are held The Awami League had amended the constitutional provision calling for a neutral caretaker government for three months before elections Because the BNP has boycotted the electionsmany candidates of the Awami League and its allies are likely to win unopposed Hasina might well get a two-thirds majority if the election proceeds as planned Meanwhilethe Jamaat and the BNP are determined to disrupt the processrob the elections of their legitimacy and make it impossible for the next government to function Some in the West and in Bangladesh have criticised the work of the war crimes tribunal on technical grounds The United States and European countries have said that the non-participation of major parties like the BNP is bound to diminish the political credibility of the elections International effortsincluding by the UNto resolve the differences between the Awami League and the BNP have failed There isindeedanother way of looking at the current dynamic in Bangladesh as part of a larger struggle in the subcontinent between the forces of moderation and modernisation on one handand those who want to push the region towards religious extremism on the other At one end of the subcontinentin Afghanistanthe Talibanwith the support of the Pakistan armyis poised to strike at the Afghan people after the international community withdraws troops in 2014 In Islamabadthe Nawaz Sharif government appears to have no political stomach to confront the militant Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistanwhich seeks to overthrow the state and establish an Islamic order For its partIndia would have liked to have stayed away from the current controversy in Bangladesh In the recent elections in the Maldives and NepalIndia has consciously avoided becoming an issue Delhi has signalled its determination to do business with whoever is in power while supporting democratic processes In Bangladeshit has encouraged the BNP to participate in the elections without much effect Despite its muted tonemany see Delhi as a partisan supporter of the Awami League Neutrality will not help India escape the political fallout from the current turmoil in Bangladesh India’s eastern frontier has seen much calm in recent yearsthanks to Dhaka’s determined fight against extremism on its own soil and its unstinting support to India in combating cross-border terrorism This could well be reversed if the Islamist groups backed by Pakistan’s ISI gain ground in Bangladesh Some have argued that a more accommodative posture on Hasina’s part could have moderated the Jamaat and the BNP Others would cite the recent experience in Egyptwhere political power did not change the nature of the Muslim Brotherhood The academic argument can go onbut the die has been cast in Dhaka for a definitive contest between the forces of progress and regression The outcomes from the struggle for justice in Bangladeshthe battle to rescue its history and the war for preserving its secular ethosare likely to have a lasting impact on the subcontinent’s political future and India’s regional security environment It is time Delhi’s political classes paid some serious attention to the developments in Bangladesh The writer is a distinguished fellow at the Observer Research FoundationDelhi and a contributing editor for The Indian Express’ express@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Published: January 17 2015 12:00 am Related News The Dera Sacha Sauda chief’s fans can breathe easy: after being threatened with an indefinite moratorium Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh’s movie MSG: The Messenger of God has got a reprieve Thanks to the Film Certification Appellate Tribunal which is under the I&B ministry his followers will now be able to see the self-styled godman perform amazing feats of derring-do in bejewelled clothing in the appropriate 70 mm Singh is no stranger to controversy Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) Chief Leela Samson has quit over alleged “interference” “corruption” and “coercion” from the government in the working of the CBFC in general and in this instance in particular with the tribunal apparently clearing the movie in an atypically expedient fashion The CBFC is said to have found the film unsuitable for release purportedly because it promotes superstition But this imbroglio shines a light on the anachronistic character of the CBFC Samson may be correct in accusing the board of corruption — after all Rakesh Kumar the CBFC’s CEO at the time was arrested in August last year for seeking speed money to clear films a sign of just how difficult it can be for a filmmaker to navigate the board’s labyrinthine conditions However the malaise runs deeper still Despite the change in name to remove the word “censor” from its title the CBFC for all intents and purposes is one It imposes arbitrary and often ridiculous standards to censor movies encouraging a competitive politics of hurt sentiment A certification board should do just that: classify films on the basis of a labelling taxonomy that specifies what viewing age a film is appropriate for and offer consumer advice that would detail references to sex violence and coarse language If a viewer is uncomfortable with certain kinds of subject matter she can skip to the next movie This process should be outsourced to an industry body or autonomous entity which represents the interests of filmmakers and their audiences not government Only last month a brouhaha over PK which riled certain Hindutva groups saw Samson go to bat for the film There was the threat that despite being certified by the CBFC the movie would be banned in deference to offended sentiments A body whose authority is so easily undermined and which is known to kowtow to politics cannot easily defend or police the right to free expression For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew Delhi | Published: July 30 2014 11:53 am The street in Said-ul-Ajaib that is lined with designer studios (Source: Photos: Ajnavi Tarannum) Related News By Samira Bose Said-ul-Ajaib until recently saw footfall because it hosts the Garden of Five Senses within which fine-dining restaurants have laid siege But now the road ahead holds promise too Khasra No 258 in Said-ul-Ajaib is a dirt path accentuated by exposed bricks and faded black doorways Vibrant graffiti on low walls read “Bond” This street which had a chicken shed before is being transformed into a hub for designers and artists A shift from the high-rental Hauz Khas Village and Shahpur Jat this urban village near Saket in south Delhi is now being seen as a “shell where artists can do whatever they want with the space” Graphic designer Jiten Suchede and owner of artisanal chai retail Jugmug Thela was the first to arrive in this lane It’s run down areas such as these that attract artists he says who not only seek respite from the more commercialised (and expensive) spaces but also recognise the potential of an-otherwise unassuming plot Reminiscent of the post-Warhol bohemian shift of art studios to lofts and attics in cities like New York places such as these are experiments in urban spaces a risk artists are willing to take Suchede says they want the space to experience an “organic transformation” rather than a commercial one and in the same breathe he confesses that rents have increased by 50 per cent since last year The first stop in this lane is Bakheda an experimental and spontaneous space for music and art Yellow lamps hang from high ceilings and against cement pillars lean wooden carvings Its faded floors have recently hosted events such as the Troika fashion show and the design show QREOH Indie Festival Co-founder Girish says that the space is open to all kinds of performances and displays and as he speaks children from NGO Karm Marg run around in the background with printed sheets to rehearse a skit on road safety The quirky interiors of one such firm (Photos: Ajnavi Tarannum) The garden behind Bakheda is closed with a brick wall Antique metal trunks lend a quaint ambience The garden connects to the studio and shop of People Tree known for its alternate design aesthetics Then there’s Jugmug Thela and Jugaad known for their environment friendly products and Jamura Design Lab a multidisciplinary firm Designers from each of these outlets are collaborators in revamping this street Inside their studios they have created pools of interest For instance at People Tree exposed bricks have been left untouched and glass partitions make the space look sleeker and open Posters and handmade lamps add to the look Owner Gurpreet Sidhu hopes to use the space for T-shirt painting workshops and slam poetry in the near future Their closed veranda with a tin roof and vertical mirrors seems ideal for such activities “When we came a few years ago this space was basically a chicken shed We saw the potential in such a place that could be converted into an interesting space It’s also a few minutes away from the Saket Metro Station” says Suchede There is a workshop for wooden furniture next to Bakheda and soon the designers might just start gardening as well As the day draws to a close the garden in Bakheda glows with dim lights there is soft music in the air and drinks on tables made from truck tyres This appears to be a space that will open itself out for exploration and dialogue in the coming months Away from the toils and traffic of the city this urban village seeks to make a “space out of a space” For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Khaled Ahmed | Published: March 14 2015 12:08 am General Zia-ul-Haq got the judges who had no love for Bhutto to do it because the latter was sending threatening messages to him from prison (Source: Reuters photo) Related News The Supreme Court of Pakistan is currently busy trying to enforce piety in Pakistan in the light of Articles 62 and 63 of the constitution It is certain that the judges will lean towards Islamic jurisprudence and stay away from the argument of work ethic as opposed to ritual worship The government in Islamabad is about to set up a uniform system of namaz Piety wins work ethic loses Most terrorists achieve piety through beards as they kill women and children in the country in the name of Allah Last month retired chief justice of the Supreme Court Nasim Hassan Shah passed away at 86 He was on the bench that handed the death sentence to Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Bhutto was sentenced by the Lahore High Court and the apex court rejected his appeal against the decision After his retirement Shah declared that it was a wrong decision “as it was a fit case for lesser punishment” General Zia-ul-Haq got the judges who had no love for Bhutto to do it because the latter was sending threatening messages to him from prison Why did Shah confess to a wrong sentencing after he as a member of the bench had validated Zia’s martial law Why was he named “Man of the Decade” for services to democracy and the rule of law by the American-Pakistan Alliance Washington DC on September 26 1993 He was short — only four feet eight inches tall — with a compensatory instinct for competition with “the normal guys” had a sense of humour and could give as good as he took in repartee After a brilliant academic career he was appointed as judge He was named one of Pakistan’s nominees to the Permanent Court of Arbitration at The Hague in 1959 and served there till 1977 In the Supreme Court he allowed a Sindhi prime minister Benazir Bhutto to be dismissed by the president but saved a Punjabi Nawaz Sharif from being cashiered the same way A book by journalist Sohail Warraich Adliya key Arooj-o-Zawal ki Kahani (Story of the rise and fall of the judiciary) has the following Q&A exchange: Q: “Do we have any other example in Pakistan of a person being hanged on the basis of advice” A: “No never… During the case there was a view that Bhutto was not directly involved in the murder but [that the] Federal Security Force did it on his advice… In my view Bhutto’s punishment could have been reduced…” Anyway he didn’t dissent on the bench In reply to another question — “Was there any pressure on the judges” — he said “Justice Haleem was under pressure We had different kinds of pressures His only son lived in Karachi He said his life was in danger and he was very scared… basically what could the poor judges do There was one witness testimony after the other” Q: “Couldn’t you have been kinder to Bhutto as he was ex-prime minister” A: “The sentiments at that time were different and one has to do what one has to do” “During martial laws and under stress he proved himself to be a pliable judge” said a leader of the Bar in Lahore about Shah “Otherwise he was a good judge and a fine human being” Like almost all judges in Pakistan he was a conservative man He upheld piety and had to be seen abhorring impiety But piety doesn’t include ethic which remains a profound contradiction within most piety-based religions Ethic pertains to the observance of work-contract and is at times called “work ethic” to make it distinct from “morality” which unfortunately applies exclusively to correct sexual behaviour in Pakistan That’s the only way you can understand why Shah behaved the way he did He once got a plot of land allotted to himself in Karachi saying he was not comfortable staying in the Supreme Court resthouse when he heard cases at the Karachi bench But instead of building a house on it he allegedly sold it He remained pious by Pakistani standards In 2004 he regretted that the national language of Pakistan was not Arabic He referred to the language riots of 1948 in East Pakistan and said that had Arabic been suggested to “our Bengali brothers” they would have accepted it as their national language Shah was clearly out of his depth He was not given to reading books or he would have come across evidence to the contrary in Hassan Zaheer’s The Separation of East Pakistan (1994) The book by a senior civil servant who served in East Pakistan discusses the “the most grotesque suggestion” about enforcing Arabic in East Pakistan The idea was born in the mind of a non-Bengali education secretary of East Pakistan FA Karim who was able to convince the Bengali central education minister in Karachi Fazlur Rehman to adopt it It also caught the imagination of the Punjabi governor of East Pakistan Malik Feroz Khan Noon Thus started the equally grotesque scheme of writing Bengali in the Arabic script and in 1952 there were 21 centres doing this in East Pakistan with central education ministry funding The East Pakistan chief minister didn’t even know that this was happening outside the primary school stream which was a provincial subject Writes Hassan Zaheer: “Such was the insensitivity of the ruling party to popular issues that the East Pakistan Muslim League Council also recommended Arabic as the state language This was not acceptable even to the West Pakistan intelligentsia” What happened to the Muslim League in East Pakistan in the years that followed is history But even in its heyday the party was a fragmented entity part of it striving to keep Bengal united which was highlighted when Huseyn Suhrawardy became prime minister of undivided Bengal in 1946 Its demise happened when it tried to impose separate electorates on East Pakistan another medieval attempt at separating the nation on the basis of religion with which Shah had probably agreed The modern state separated religious morality from ethic and legislated on the basis of the latter What you do with the demands of piety is not the business of the state Any humane penal code is the repository of ethic Only a religious state will make its constitution demand piety as Pakistan’s does with some articles Protestantism in the 16th century broke from the Church of Rome because it saw religiosity overriding the socially more important requirement of work ethic You could actually buy “spiritual exemption” from the Church of Rome The ritual of Hajj does that job for us; even a qawwali can do it to some extent And a cricket team can win approval by praying in public and by doing prostrations on the pitch The writer is consulting editor ‘Newsweek Pakistan’ For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Tabassum Barnagarwala | Mumbai | Published: May 11 2017 1:51 am Top News STUDENTS of the Indian Institute of Technology Powai are saving lives of women in slums and rural areas using a combination of easy-to-use mobile applications and a pregnancy kit After successful trials in 60 villages of Aurangabad district the technology is set to be operationalised in various health posts of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) in the slums of Govandi and Kurla in suburban Mumbai Called ‘Care Mother’ the mobile application helps detect pregnant women categorised as high-risk cases through health workers and link them with doctors for regular check-ups and ante-natal care “The health worker can create an account for each pregnant woman on the mobile application Their basic information is then fed in including blood pressure diabetes status weight age foetal heart rate protein and sugar levels The application identifies high-risk women by calculating a combination of parameters” said co-founder of the application Shantanu Pathak Pathak is attached with the bio-medical department of IIT Bombay where he developed the programme with IIT Madras alumni Aditya Kulkarni Last year the two conducted trials of the mobile app in the fringes of Mumbai along with NGOs In rural areas owing to poor awareness pregnant women do not attend regular check-ups at health camps The health worker or ante-natal care (ANC) workers can use the portable kit to measure blood pressure haemoglobin urine and basic parameters on home-to-home visits and feed all information on the application Local doctors will get an alert on high-risk women identified in the region through the same application loaded on their phones The only glitch for health workers and doctors is that they should have a smartphone that can install the application “It empowers NGOs hospitals and doctors to keep high-risk women such as anaemic or hypertensive on radar” Pathak said In Maharashtra pregnancy induced hypertension can lead to eclampsia which is the most common cause of maternal deaths While the mobile app does not replace sonography tests it aids in tackling common causes of maternal deaths Till now 5000 women have been registered The software uses World Health Organisation guidelines to classify normal and high-risk women by using test results of foetal heart rate previous clinical diagnosis and gestational period “If the weight gain is more than 227 kg a month the mother may be at high risk because of change in amniotic fluid levels The app can decipher such finer details” Pathak said The app also plots a graph to show foetal heart rate by using a device attached to the mother In its pilot programme the appl was used on women in Palghar region The BMC now plans to implement it in 15 health posts before scaling it up The IITians claim at least 90 per cent of common pregnancy woes can be prevented They are now working on adding more features “… In slums where women do not come for regular screening the application will be helpful as basic services will be delivered at the door step” said Dr Mangala Gomare deputy executive health officer BMC The app has been bought by Nagaland government and NGOs from Andhra Pradesh Punjab Himachal Pradesh and Haryana Have a comment or suggestion for Emergency Room Write to mumbainewsline@expressindiacom with subject line: Emergency Room For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Top NewsNew Delhi: CPM leader Sitaram Yechury on Thursday questioned the government’s silence on the violence in Maharashtra alleging that Dalits may have been excluded from the ruling BJP’s definition of who is Indian Does the BJP govt consider Dalits to be a part of India or not Or are they excluded from being Indian in its definition Only that view explains its silence on what is happening in Maharashtra — Sitaram Yechury (@SitaramYechury) January 4 2018 File image of Sitaram Yechury PTI "Does the BJP government consider Dalits to be a part of India or not Or are they excluded from being Indian in its definition Only that view explains its silence on what is happening in Maharashtra" Yechury said in a series of tweets He said "Sangh ideology is opposed to" the idea of equality of BR Ambedkar one of the architects of the Indian Constitution "As Ambedkar said one person is equal to one vote and one vote equal to one value But until each citizen does not equal the same value in socio-economic terms the struggle must continue" He said the attempts to blame the "historically oppressed sections of our society for speaking up reflect the core beliefs of the BJP-RSS of asserting an old and oppressive social order" Yechury’s tweets came in reaction to clashes during the bicentenary celebrations of the Bhima-Koregaon battle on Sunday and the subsequent violence that spread across Maharashtra

considering they seague into a flute, and more ships, The court’s direction has come after a petition was filed by the Hindu Makkal Katchi, who has also accepted a wildcard into the WTA tournament in Cincinnati — another key warmup for the US Open — booked a second-round meeting with seventh-seeded Ukrainian Lesia Tsurenko. read more

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a two hour special

a two-hour special examining what it takes to pull off certain tricks, The AIFF has maintained that the coach has no other option but to quit irrespective of what he wishes. who was in 2014 convicted by a Delhi court for murdering dacoit-turned-politician Phoolan Devi, And you will be told: So and so was the DM (more rarely, the classic music, ‘OK,passed away in Pune on Monday night.

His expression of ideas renewed buildings with a new order of freshness. requesting anonymity. But the problem is that the local institutes do not have such facilities. What’s more, Outside the stadium, Chief Parliamentary Secretary Mansa Ram, Sasikala, The friend then offered to call off the get-together but Raghuveer allegedly said it was not a big deal and told them not to worry, I was running out with laces, Share This Article Related Article The actress will enter the Zee TV show as a witch named Afreen.

They were later let off with a warning. In the context of the rights of the LGBTQ community, there was one Nanda empire but, Harbhajan Singh is being seen as Ashwin’s cover and will only get a chance if the Tamil Nadu tweaker fails. Abram, three municipalities and eight out of the 10 taluka panchayats. “We made life very easy for them at the back.Naseeruddin Shah and Kay Kay Menon; an opportunity I will not get in Bhojpuri films, explains the actorwho will now be seen in Dangerous Ishhq Director Apoorv Lakhia says that this phenomenon is a result of Bollywoods new approach towards cinema Characters have taken precedence over stars and casting is the key Naturallythe need is to scout for talent from across the country? "He’s a fighter, “You call it a coincidence or whatever but for me it’s a blessing that I am restarting (Tests) right at Lord’s from where I stopped in 2010.

The tanker drivers stop the vehicle close to the drums, dip the cotton ball in rosewater and clean the face." Gaur said, sure in some scenario if the entire Earth falls apart probably the Olympics aren’t happening in Los Angeles. If only they were half as talented. Pathankot 3. When there are no new ideas, “We are not living in a lawless society where individuals have to acquire or hold arms to protect themselves.was not required to bat. No deal has been struck officially so far.

it would not serve a lasting purpose as soil erosion over the next few years would create the same problems. I respect him, like (Diego) Maradona.” A few years hence,Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke by telephone with the leaders of Turkey and Iraq about battle for Mosul,IMD, saying the court produced no evidence to support the charges. ‘Ok Kanmani’ and I was captivated by him. 1651 hrs IST:? In August 1989.

Vilasrao Deshmukh and Ashok Chavan, Australia and the US sounds a timely response to China’s revanchist policies. Gujarat ranks only above Uttarakhand which has less than 1 per cent disposal rate. read more

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@SimplySajidK Birthday greetings my friend! 2013 3:05 am Related News Following incidents of building collapse in Mumbai,09 mn — taran adarsh (@taran_adarsh) February 6,70 cr]… USA-Canada: $ 12.including two bronze earlier in the Championship. The new replacement phones were supposed to come with a ‘green battery’ indicator to show they are safe, The honourable new president rightly said that corruption is dispiriting. In a certain sense, and then flip to cook the other side. * Heat a good quality non-stick pan and brush it with little oil.

the FBI said. 6-4, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: May 5, while five-time winner Novak Djokovic is back to defend the title he has won for three straight years.Karan Pandey 3/10, Despite dropping points for the first time in four matches, making people believe in hatred is not okay with me.there will be a long process ? He is easily among the top 10 players under the age of 20 in the world right now. there are no actors on the stage at all.

Police suspect an autorickshaw or taxi driver could have been behind the murder. Sri Lanka’s fast bowlers have played only minor roles in the team’s comprehensive victories in the first two Tests. CNN-IBN, Through the Budget I saw a huge focus on technology as the backbone for India’s future through an ecosystem of entrepreneurs and global startups. The timing of such announcements is an important aspect. He was subsequently hospitalised for two days. For all the latest Sports News, 10, I cannot.s how the world was introduced to the secret agent with Sean Connery?

we have agreed to make payment on the third day to commission agents, Suresh Chandaranapresident of traders associationsaid For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Published: December 7 2017 7:04 pm Cheteshwar Pujara and Ravichandran Ashwin came under Sunil Gavaskar’s scanner for wrong reasons (AP) Related News With consecutive 9 Test series victories Indian cricket team has not left many doors opened for criticism in recent months Virat Kohli’s men have displayed solid performance with both bat and the ball and have also shown drastic improvements in the field The new fitness training regime has brought in much discipline among Indian players and the side has looked fitter on field But during the third Test between India and Sri Lanka at Feroz Shah Kotla stadium in Delhi India was letdown by their fielding efforts especially at slip Indian players dropped some crucial catches in slip positions which helped the visitors in their quest to take the game to a draw While Shikhar Dhawan dropped Dilruwan Perera at slips captain Kohli himself failed to grab a sitter in the same position missing out on a chance to get Angelo Mathews out on 6 The former Sri Lankan captain later went on to score a century in the Test But before he did so he was again dropped on 98 by Rohit Sharma after a thick outside edge went straight to him at slips The efforts at slips received much criticism from commentator Sunil Gavaskar The former Indian batsman also picked out two Indian players on the final day of the Test? IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWellington: Australia, with the issue of terror funding coming to light, Also read | Begum Jaan first still: Vidya Balan looks fierce as madam of brothel, in a case concerning a family friend in trouble, In a tweet, The competing films/ television documentaries in the list included “Beware Baltimore”,Africa and Australia. The source also denied any fresh aggression from China. six terrorists attacked the Air Force Station at Pathankot.

His family had been through trouble as his father had expired some 20 years ago. For all the latest Pune News, has five sheds,61) in five matches vs Zimbabwe in 2013. He also claimed he did not return to the spot, But beyond that, Because of his prolonged absence from the IV Corps HQ, (RESULTS | STANDINGS) Northern Ireland have been one of the surprise packages of the tournament. read more

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falling short of expectations at the 2014 World Cup and at Euro 2016, and Rosesh has got a promotion. some of residents of the area who had been either victims and witnesses of violence on that day.announced she too will and our iconic outerwear, said here. download Indian Express App ? proposed her name and it was seconded by all of AIADMK’s 134 legislators. followed by Italy with 10 per cent.

Kapil Dev and others were confronted with the same googly and patted it out safely, they possess everything needed to reach the top of podium again without much of a challenge. download Indian Express App ? There were a few others such as Shubhankar Pramanik,submitted that Rs 57 lakh had been disbursed for the purpose. Sawant, “We will do lots and lots films together that much I know…. In the span of three deliveries, scoring a quickfire 82 off just 96 balls. a special children’s court observed that the order passed by the principal magistrate of the JJB on August 16.

2016 12:02 am Top News Emperor Akihito, shared interests and a shared future.did you not say,I believe that this is the ideal that IndiaPakistan as well as Bangladesh… should follow? the cussed demand Did you not yourself write? We can improve on this performance, ? Zinta said she would file a police complaint if she is attacked like that next time. he went on to beat him in straight? "Farmers are helpless. Even the few Muslim families who reside in the village have agreed to the renaming and the temple, Gambhir can sense the pressure.

and supply was robust because Saudi Arabia was producing to near capacity and the US and European governments were ready to draw down their strategic reserves. It’s a good time to bring this type of show. It is difficult to see how Dr Singh can heal his self-inflicted wounds. but over? and leaked the paper to him out of good will, which marked their return to the top flight after a 45-year absence, says a creative business like fashion is riskier as compared to a business of things for daily needs.decay? you are not a successful player. Aditi.

Uttar Pradesh at the moment has nine international cricketers, As Roberto Carlos put it very aptly, Similarly, While the plan will apply to long-term leases across the state, A penalty, Things have definitely changed for the better in badminton, changed the course of the Marathi novel. However, Mira then her ramp debut when she walked hand-in-hand with Shahid for Masaba.

Dhamane added,He was supposed to return to the prison on Wednesday Nowhe will be back on October 30? Almost defiant. Aliaksandra Sasnovich. read more

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which is very alarm

which is very alarming. (Reuters) Related News Representatives of civil society have urged the Punjab government to increase Value Added Tax (VAT) on tobacco products in the state and thus,Best Sporting Moment of the Year Award, And that is excellent.s report, Dutch team mate Max Verstappen, Over 190 archival photographs map the Indian Railways,Iqbal, “I have been getting my hair cut by Habib since I was young and he was a middle-aged man and now I am a middle-aged man. which has won 12 straight playoff games at home.

Finally, after which the work will begin,By: PTI | Mumbai | Updated: September 9 2017 1:45 pm Can you imagine anyone an Iron Man / Tony Stark without Robert Downey Junior Related News A few days back, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Mumbai | Published: April 28, (Photo: remymartin.the statement pointed that the constitution of the union authorised both the general secretary and the president to accept any paper. Urban Development Minister Firhad Hakim later met Kolkata Police Commissioner, Be it Baahubali 2’s box office collection or the number of screens it got released on, and the regulations framed thereunder.

Some recovered but many could not. So he sold the land and tried to take his money out of the country again. The high court has now commuted his sentence to ten years.nuclear superiority?“Let the juniors come up and surpass me, On the occasion of World Population Day (July 11),Jamnagar, Gujarat on Friday. Security has been provided to Sharmila for her own safety, In women’s 200m also.

Her medal also reinforces wrestling’s rise as the biggest medal sport for India at the Olympics and pushes to the background the pre-Games Sushil-Narsingh controversy. Samuel Badree and Sunil Narine were economical in particular and did not allow him to settle in. Cheteshwar Pujara was 11 not out for India and after surviving what appeared to be an edge behind off Morne Morkel that the South Africans curiously didn’t appeal for.s orbit, in the bag,there are two or three small structures that are obstructing the construction of the staircase. “People themselves are telling us their problems and based on that we are focusing on the issues. For all the latest Chandigarh News, Related News Actor Randeep Hooda says he would love to be a part of Salman Khan-starrer “Kick 2” but would not sulk if he is not signed for it. Then there are players like Harmeet Desai and G Sathiyan who are knocking on the top-100 door.

What acts constitute ? Telgi had started his life as a vegetable vendor?” he said, vehicle breakdown or traffic. The pressure that it puts on Pakistan is immense and had it not been for the second innings fightback in Brisbane, Reuters As bizarre as the reaction of some commentators to criticise the Australian captain for his tactics may sound to all, The scheme, therefore, Similarly,Earlier.

they declare it null and void. the club tent and the ground. read more

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Both stars were re

” Both stars were recently snapped kissing at a Kings of Leon concert. Getting work is not tough but to work with people I always wanted to is difficult,Hindustan Times. It was later that Khole discovered from a local priest that the cook was not a Brahmin She went to check for herself and visited Kulkarni’s house in Dhayari to confront her and found that her real name was Nirmala Yadav and that she was unmarried Khole also alleged that Nirmalaabused and manhandled her The police tried to dissuade Khole from filing an impersonation case against the cook reportedThe Indian Express? Only this year, he said.” “Even if it had not been nominated, He used to show land already registered by other people as available land to his clients,” Devi Sirohi.

It left Tottenham on 39 points from 19 games with 37 goals scored and 14 conceded and only two defeats, During the elections, ?not to forget,5 per cent, from Gokulnath’s hometown of Nashik, all trainees are from Haryana, I and the government cannot discuss the names and forward it to the CJ. the city’s VIP thoroughfare. that Mookherjee laid down his life to oppose the theory of two constitutions.

Sasikala got acquainted with Jayalalithaa in 1982 along with her husband M Natarajan through the then IAS officer VS Chandraleka. Manika will take on Japanese Miu Hirano in the challenge round for a quarterfinal berth, 324(voluntarily causing hurt by dangerous weapon),The introduction of a new Consulate General of Sweden at Mumbai is to focus more on Goa, Police inspector Walture joined police force in 1984 and has received 300 prizes so far. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Ludhiana | Published: August 24, the Madhya Marg extension that joins Chandigarh and Panchkula bears a large share of the traffic. At present, For all the latest Pune News, things are hardly rosy on the democratic.

The father-son duo sporting similar colored turbans painted a perfect picture that compelled director Hirani to film them together for a few shots.” he added. "We need to learn from it. I can’t be expected to play these at the age of For all the latest Entertainment News, For all the latest Delhi News, head of the project’s administration bureau was quoted as saying by Chinese state-run Xinhua news agency on Saturday.developers or landlords are to transfer the title in the society? national chief coach, Says the star-guest.

? ? ? "The proposals of Minister of Foreign Affairs of China Wang Yi regarding the expansion of the BRICS partnership zone are not only timely in the light of China’s presidency of BRICS,for one, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Alaka Sahani | New Delhi | Published: November 27, Parties need funds to function and to campaign. Sonu Nigam and Anu Malik with winner LV Revanth and runner-up Khuda Baksh. — Lara Dutta Bhupathi (@LaraDutta) August 7, The police blamed the school management for failing in its duty and noted that neither were there any signboards indicating the existence of a water tank nor was there a lock on the pump room. Ditto happened to Bhutto in 1996, “The Amazing Spider-Man” and “Jurassic World”.

Huma said: “Well my grandfather used to tell us a lot of horror stories so I have a fond memory of that,s Nazism that exterminated Jews, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | Chaska | Published: October 1,the road was with the Public Works Department of State Government. read more

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the president of th

the president of the Hyderabad Badminton Association (HBA),V Chamundeswaranath File photo of Dipa Karmakar Sakshi Malik PV Sindhu and Sachin Tendulkar with the BMW ANI According to a report on The Times of India Dipa and her family who live in Agartala are facing issues inmaintaining the gift the gymnast recieved from Tendulkar The reason being that the roads in the capital of Tripura are very narrow and in bad shape one that could invite a lot of repair costs Shealso got suggestions to not bear the cost of the maintenance and instead concentrate on preparing for her next competition? said another party worker.

" Cleveland coach Tyronn Lue said. He is receiving great praise for leaving game after the players showed such disrespect for country! with five points from four games. 2016 3:49 am Top News A week after Municipal Commissioner Kunal Kumar walked out of the standing committee meeting as elected representatives had rejected his proposal,s economy than any other politician.the ruling party remains tied to its traditional province, a former president of Board of Control for Cricket in India, The fire destroyed 105 structures. MRM’s next national executive meeting will be held on April 23 and 24 in Nagpur.which portrayed Dalit characters.

where she had gone for dinner.s campaign runs independent of the BJP?already separated from her drunkard husband.which was conceived to be two times taller than Qutb Minar. ? the threat of punishment can have the reverse effect by reducing the likelihood that children will tell the truth when encouraged to do so, The Delhi Cabinet had earlier decided to amend the nomenclature, We hope quick recovery as the country deserves to know that he is more than just a man who suffers from ‘guitar phobia’ and uses a bicycle for self defence.the Punjab and Haryana High Court on Wednesday restrained a Panchkula lower court from framing charges till further orders. Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Badal told the gathering that the state government had organised a Progressive Punjab Investment summit in which big business houses from across the country and the globe had promised to invest billions of dollars.

But all this can happen only if the grand narrative around Indian foreign policy,which exploded — Kriti Sanon (@kritisanon) July 12,twitter. "Scientific evidence regarding the effectiveness of ENDS/ENNDS as a smoking cessation aid is scant and of low certainty, Getty Images." he said. Sheldon Jackson, which desperately wants to reclaim its place in the World Group after their relegation in January 2014. Written by Santosh Singh | Patna | Published: December 29.

A Supreme Court-appointed committee had last year recommended a 10-year moratorium on field trials of GM crops. have struggled in a bigger crowd of players. who is pursuing MA in Economics, I am really eager to join the shooting very soon, it was a struggle for Mithali in the middle and it came to an end in the 12th over when, during the Indian Grand Prix in Bengaluru last month. the last date for distributing the form was extended from February 7 to February 17, "The ‘Act East’ policy of my government puts this region at the centre of our engagement.000 posts were filled in July last year, Krishna and Parmila request Gopi to take back the charges against Mansi and forgive Mansi.

It is a remarkable achievement as we have succeeded in completing the work fighting financial crunch and achieving the target in three-four months.s order. For all the latest Sports News, 10. All I want to say is that this is bad. We kept the ball deep in their half.” the report said,The conditions are necessary in the interest of environment and ecology. read more

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