Create a strategy for the construction site of the internal links

The safety of the construction form of link

I still think that Google has the PageRank algorithm attribution own authority and measurement of trust in Google, if not this, then feedback to some subroutine ranking algorithm. Considering this point is very important, not only is your brand ", but in your entire web site login page links.

link layout

The correlation between

content and quality of

how to link the position of some opinion, in early 2010, I suggested the footer link still have a certain value, because placed in the footer and side sidebar may even cause more harm than good can let you be keyword filtering. read more

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After the love Shanghai algorithm to adjust the enterprise stand stand ideas


1. high quality content from

The website structure reasonable

then we will wait for love Shanghai mercy, let your ranking back? No, no matter what happens, life will continue, since people from the new formulation of the rules of the game, then we only re planning their own ideas.

may have a problem that has plagued you, that is the original content is not equal to high quality content, the answer is no, what is the content of high quality, useful to the user, as long as the user is that high quality content, the search engine will not have other ideas from this. Adjustment, acquisition, pseudo original basically has not, suggest that you spend more time on the content of the site. read more

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Wang Shifan Shoubashoujiao novice Shanghai dragon how to pick a single money


recently, Wang Shifan put on three stations all do the top three keywords, basically to the maintenance stage. More and more time free, want to pick some list to do, to improve their level, also earn a little money. However, in the business without friends, no one to find Wang Shifan advice on site optimization issues, not to mention the order. While waiting for orders, while the new orders summed up skills. I hope this article can give the novice friends to help

a lot of Shanghai dragon industry friends, is love do local + Shanghai Longfeng this kind of words, I do not know if this word can bring benefits or orders docking, Wang Shifan proposed new friends from the customer’s point of view, to set a good website keywords, this will bring benefits to increase the order quantity. Now many small businesses do not know Shanghai dragon, we can use the "Hefei website promotion", "Hefei network promotion" instead of "Hefei Shanghai dragon", I believe that the effect is much better. Also, as much as possible as keywords to the home page read more

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2013 medical website optimization decide on what path to follow

: the station optimization

1, website keyword: first page keywords, column page the article page keywords and keyword, all these need to be adjusted in front of all, because if you are on-line, love Shanghai included, too much if you change the title keyword, love Shanghai will think the site is not friendly, not the rule, which does not give good ranking.

3, website: because the user is entering our website we through a site link, if the user for 20 seconds are also can not see the content of the website, the user can easily open the drain, the speed is mainly affected by several factors: the web server and web page loading. read more

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Cause analysis and solution on the site right down to love Shanghai

! ?

finally say when the site is down right after how should we do? "

many webmaster blindly care about the site’s profit, but in order to achieve the site of sustained profitability, then the security of the site is very important, is the basis of long-term operation of the site, but now many sites have this or that vulnerability, which makes a lot of Trojan or non advertising method can take advantage of the machine, if on your website is hung on the black links, so these sites once loved Shanghai know, so will soon be right down, so for these flaws must be timely repair, often to check whether there are loopholes in the website program, if there will be a timely supplement on read more

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How to deal with the hearsay love Shanghai next week second times k

Seventh, buy the chain >

second, Links

this announcement is about love Shanghai new tool chain, anti chain, keyword ranking and so a collection of advice posted, we have been in love before the sea K storm, but forget the love that love Shanghai Shanghai announcement "little secret", before the contents of the announcement about the whole meal garbage bring the "6.28 and black Friday, we have no reason to do this from Shanghai’s official love weight, chain, chain development tools that the next step will love Shanghai according to its K tools to our website read more

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Keywords category and design skills

from rival angle

first, consider the

first, core product, enterprise, industry, services, etc. some website name or some attributes and characteristics of the name of the vocabulary. For example: slimming tea, × ×, × × network company.

from the user’s point of view

refers to the degree of competition in the search after the same keyword page number.

The Keywords:

correlation: refers to the page content and keyword search by keywords the matching degree.

third, the long tail word is not generally soft, but also can through the search link to the content of the corresponding soft, bring the flow of words is soft. But this kind of word is long, may be composed of several words or phrases. For example: XX XX acupuncture slimming slimming tea, recommendation. Want to design good keywords, first to understand what is the keywords and several related definitions. Understand these, you can have a comprehensive understanding of key words, in order to design a good keyword. read more

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The Shanghai dragon station optimization skills 5

4, website content optimization

, easy search engine crawling, so site navigation needs to adopt a flat tree structure, so that each page of the article to the site of the home page click distance should be short.

site navigation optimization


URL is a uniform resource locator, also known as the web page address, is an Internet standard resource address.


we have to learn about the following five points: the station optimization

, a website title and description optimization

two, website URL optimization read more

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The site in Shanghai included a good but no flow analysis and Solutions

2, the number of these sites outside the chain are not many, Links few.

through these exchanges, I found such a problem. That is, we have so few sites, are very good in Shanghai search engine included above, page snapshot is updated daily, the article is being published as long as the seconds, a snapshot of the day is calculated in hours. But is this the eyes of some people seem to love Shanghai very high weight website, do not get good rankings, traffic is almost negligible. What is the reason for this phenomenon? read more

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Webmaster correctly bottom related search does not give up love isn’t crazy

long tail keywords search

1, the bottom search is not every website promotion to do


here, don’t put the related search keywords and long tail keywords equated. Indeed, many related keywords are naturally produced by the long tail keywords, such as "lose weight", "search

fell in love with the relevant search bottom, we must not strange. A few months before the business circle of Shanghai dragon game, people use this method the most incisive, can also be said to be only used this method on the achievements of page ranking. Many people see these skills in the course of the game, have also changed the home title, and get a good short-term rankings. Don’t say more details here, we look at the history of the article is very clear. The operation of the relevant search skills, while not cheating, also can bring good traffic, but this approach is now a lot of friends are even to be obsessed with. Have a few friends around, every day in the brush related keywords by software, the exhaustion of mind to search volume production promotion. The face of this phenomenon, today talk about some of my views. read more

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The long tail keywords mining method



: high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap



solutions in 2015 the most useful website right down, K, being black, being attacked

secondsWebsite optimization

user experience: after studying these topics, as a webmaster you can understand how to do web user experience

love Shanghai related search list in the search list the Related words, not all the input keywords long tail keywords, and some relevant keywords, such as optimization and the Shanghai dragon is the same meaning, so we can do the long tail keyword optimization, but also to do the long tail keywords optimization read more

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Twenty two concepts for beginners Shanghai dragon must know

1. search engine optimization (Shanghai,

if you want to enter the Shanghai Dragon Palace, then this article is for you to learn Shanghai dragon, is a systematic process. If you have some basic Shanghai Longfeng it may also take a look at this article, because a solid foundation is where you learn more advantages.

2. search engine marketing (SEM)

search engine marketing (SEM) English called Search Engine Marketing, which means through the search engine service and product marketing. Search engine marketing is mainly divided into two types: search engine optimization (Shanghai dragon) and pay per click (PPC, Pay-Per-Click). Search engine optimization (Shanghai dragon) by means of website optimization and page and let them in the search results page display, and pay per click (PPC) to take users to their own websites through the purchase of search engine click. (usually) click on the search results page from these "sponsored links" (Translation: love is not applicable to Shanghai). read more

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The latest Taobao slimming supermarket Shanghai Longfeng optimization techniques

said a few words, everyone here is to learn, I hope this is what you need to find. I stand to lose weight Taobao supermarket, I believe we all know it, a lot of friends add my QQ, and then comment on my website. A QQ, less than half a month, fill, no way, I deleted the part. At present, there are more than 400 people inside. These people are AC Shanghai dragon, there are a lot of help to me. Here I want to tell you is that the new Shanghai dragon optimization techniques is the first to know a lot of Shanghai dragon Er, if you want to improve the level of their own, so much to talk with them, sometimes I have a group of more than 10 in the non-stop flash, but I did not feel tired, but each group see the inside of the main content and views and their problems. Mentioned here the first new Shanghai dragon technique is to improve the level of Shanghai dragon through QQ group communication. read more

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The website search engine optimization problems may cause an accident

keyword, is a good practice in the past Shanghai dragon optimization, as long as the accumulation of a large number of keywords in the site, no matter how the reader’s user experience, as long as the amount of ranking will naturally go up. But now the search engine more and more development of humanity, the wrong strategy is no longer in use, so that if you thought the Shanghai Dragon technology still stays in a few years ago you are out. But there are some exceptions, please see the following: read more

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The new case analysis how to spend short time period love Shanghai

second: the use of pseudo original acquisition + enrich website content

: > Third

now is the era of belonging to the Internet era, this era has also spawned a number of new sites, almost every day there will be new born and loved Shanghai and other search engines. But not all of the new sites are so lucky can be quickly included, some new sites may be due to the weight or do stand when there are some problems, which through the love of Shanghai time, will not be a short period of time to be included in Shanghai love. read more

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The website search engine optimization tell you what to do in Shanghai Dragon

We should

webmaster to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform. There are users, although the platform inside, not many articles. The chain is not much, but useful, provides a useful tool for the majority of owners, provide value, so his ranking will happen sooner or later.

Why is it that

I have been looking at the keywords ranking Shanghai dragon. Find love in Shanghai Webmaster Platform ranked to love Shanghai in the fifth place, see below:

I think, in fact, it should be like this. Love Shanghai post about Shanghai Longfeng information, will be released on this platform, and then the station will be regularly to see whether there is a new dynamic love Shanghai. Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform, launched a chain query tool. Refuse outside the chain of tools, these tools for Shanghai dragon operator, are used. read more

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100 education into K12 Gong Haiyan three business and suspendedGarbage station magical 8 strokes h

website construction began collecting a large number of suggestions can be collected about 200 articles, articles, etc. sh419 included, added several articles to see, if added included faster, spider often during your website, then congratulations, you can batch collection. Note that if the article is too large, it should be collected in batches and not concentrated for a period of time. Collect about the same time, rely on human flesh to add article, tired, but the effect is good, does not require a N to add many articles, but requires regular updates, usually two times a week update on it, one about 10 articles about. Now many garbage stations are built after months or even more than a year without updating, which makes them very easy to be K. read more

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Only CPS main line on Shanghai’s advertisingSwably go to the center application sharing community de

2, the top 20 sites to provide all kinds of practical shopping coupons each 100;

. The advertiser Name: Shanghai mastershanghai

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

! !

Swably is one such application that allows application users to share, comment, socialize and discover the latest Android applications. If you’re a developer, you’re better able to publish apps and communicate directly with users to get more feedback.

type: CPS

3, to February 29th, the number of orders the most effective production site will also receive high-end electronic products provided by Shanghai net value of 500 yuan a gift. read more

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What about Wangzhuan people earn104 click on the Taobao 73 single transaction is the master of Amoy


Wangzhuan made a lot of money, and make so many people, mainly because it can be copied, as a product, in real life, can only be sold once, in the network, it can be sold for many times, as long as you have this ability, you can earn money, but a lot of people who do not have this ability, he has to engage in Wangzhuan, obviously he is not making the


> three

here, I’ll give you a few suggestions:

two, do not believe the profiteering method on the Internet, because of the nature of its own Wangzhuan decision, profits can not turn you can even if you know the profits method, I believe that the method should be not what people don’t know this windfall! So don’t do Wangzhuan read more

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A new traffic exchange Alliance for service web ownersNutshell CEO Ji thirteen scientific research a

              that is why I want to write these words suddenly at night, the business of MM, you are not familiar with the business temporarily do not know how to communicate and does not matter, I simply put you want to express to me in here today, here every day there will be tens of thousands of webmaster. I want to say here, may give you more than you knock on the door of the station one by one, the effect will be better, hope to see some webmaster can bring. read more

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