There is still an opportunity for domain name investing in the nternet

During the renovation of

networks, the issue of domain name becomes very sensitive, especially the adjustment of CN domain name registration policy is a headache. In the boom period, domain name investment is also a good choice, and many people realize the accumulation of business and wealth through domain name investment.

A5 forum January 21st version, inviting well-known domain name investors put together to discuss the "Yue investment domain" very period, discuss the current network environment, what is the impact on the investment domain, what kind of domain name is the value of the investment, people do stand what to avoid problems such as domain name. This paper focuses on finishing version, welcome to discuss. read more

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The content operation story of NetEase’s excellent products

The content of

operators in the end what to do? How to do? This is a lot of operators troubled by NetEase, cloud music subway advertising, the depth of analysis of content operation of NetEase, we hope to be able to help.

this is a scene from the subway line one in Hangzhou. Taking the subway is a long process, and sometimes it makes one’s habitual head empty. But in March 20th, when everyone walked into the subway, many people stopped to take a look at everything on the subway. The moment there is a burst of red cloud music NetEase NetEase chose some commenters, showing them in the Hangzhou subway, it caused the forwarded circle of friends, many people may think this is a marketing activities, but in fact it is the accumulation and precipitation cloud music content NetEase operating for many years. What really touches everyone on this train is the warm text and creates a common feeling, which is the core of the content operation. read more

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Why is CNZZ able to rise in the micro statistical market

in accordance with conventional thinking, many enterprises are difficult to rise in the shadow of the financial crisis. However, the independent third party data statistics and analysis service technology provider CNZZ has risen in the financial crisis, and has been favored by the famous venture capital agency IDG, and has also received IDG million dollars investment. Shortly before, the industry has just come out Wulin statistics, stop service news, we can see that the fierce competition in the statistics market. But why is CNZZ able to predict the rise in the domestic market, read more

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Website promotion how to improve customer loyalty

traffic has always been a top priority in Web management. Increase the site visits basically has two ways: one is to attract new visitors, the key is how many sites, make your site to grab the attention of the users, this is the CPU giant Intel company chairman Andy. Grove image is called "war for eyeballs"; two is to attract repeat customers, the focus is on how to retain users, increasing user loyalty to the site. Here mainly for second problems elaborate.

"Customers are like factories and equipment, and they’re an asset," says Widle, an American economist at read more

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Personal website to succeed need to build their own brand

these days in the Admin5 station network, made a few interviews and articles, and I have some friends to discuss the construction site where to start in the end of the problem, because a few days ago has been busy, what time to communicate with everybody, today is here as a building on the site the point of my personal opinion.

I think it’s time to start building your own personal brand. Website is different from general online business, the biggest difficulty is nothing more than "traffic" problem. I think the biggest bottleneck in restricting the development of domestic websites now is the problem of effective traffic. Because the site and do business, line contact opportunities rarely, no real impression, always give a person a kind of feeling that with no reality whatever, it is difficult to cultivate feelings. For example, in the actual trade under the Internet, both sides of the trade have more contact and understand each other more deeply, so they have the basis of mutual trust, and it is easier to cultivate feelings. But there are too many virtual information on the website, but more or less it will give people a vague, difficult to trust feeling. read more

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The intelligence of the stationmaster and if foolish

I always see a lot of webmaster, every day in the discussion of optimization, and discuss the topic such as baidu. Many webmaster always care about more than IP, but on the website itself product competition and service discussion very little. Many webmaster is more of the reputation, it is important to promote the concept of a person, sobs.

today’s Internet, the pattern has been formed, as ordinary Caomin webmaster have few opportunities too much, I am not against everyone’s enthusiasm, in fact, determined by the market supply and demand. Well, in this very small chance of development, the webmaster should have a clear understanding, at least should know the size of the network interdependence relationship. Here, I particularly admire the anti Baidu ( founder (so far, I do not know its name, but this man who is the representative of ordinary webmaster do exist). read more

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How to effectively improve the loyalty of visitors

the steady traffic of a web site is not done by some visitor’s access, but by countless loyal visitors. In order to achieve stable high traffic, the first thought is how to improve the loyalty of visitors. The loyalty of a website visitor reflects not only the degree of trust and affection of visitors, but also the value of a website. So, how do you improve the loyalty of a website,


first, the site should have a stable server. The most important thing a web site might be for visitors is not the content of the site. It’s about the stability of the site, and the speed at which the site is accessed. Those servers are stable and fast access sites are most popular with visitors. Imagine, if you, you will visit second or more sites a web site can not open half a day? The stability of the site determines the loyalty of visitors. read more

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For this technical methodology Tencent spent seventeen years polishing it over and over again

, WeChat, mobile phones, QQ, mobile Qzone, games and applications treasure, Tencent mobile terminal is the five platform. These products, which have vast numbers of users, involve numerous small, trivial technical details when operating. For example, the Tencent method mentioned in the book, WeChat and mobile phone QQ SDK (Software development kit, software development kit) determines the third party game access and user data privacy. Mobile game payment systems and data analysis require a large number of inter departmental technical collaboration. To co-ordinate these technical details, it is the Tencent itself a complete set of technical methodology. read more

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Local classified information network should discover illegal information in time

got it this morning. The server provider’s phone, said the Tianjin supervisor to contact them. There was an illegal information on the behind the door. I was shocked. I asked the phone about the situation. It might be some illegal rubbish information. I didn’t find it in time. So just let the network to see. The door closed network. Hey, I’m in a hurry. Lima came home, this problem opens the website, then goes into the background and deletes the illegal information. That’s why it’s so peaceful. read more

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How to use hot events to increase the traffic quickly

often knows that once happened somewhere we are concerned about the hot events on the network quickly spread, until it filled the entire network, coupled with the Chinese people love to play BBS everywhere spread this message, is more accelerated this information. In the past, the author generally read things, most of them are followed by a few words.

since the network promotion, I found that a popular news, you can help your website in a short time to improve the amount of access quickly, and thus enhance the visibility. If the operation is good, a news to your site brings traffic, dreams can not think of high. Specific how to operate, see: read more

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