August 2 2002 in camp is being prepared for the i

first_imgAugust 2, 2002 in camp is being prepared forthe installation of a new acrylic cover. Agriculture employee Brett Snyder is loosening thewooden support beams to remove the old membrane that is covering thedrying chambers. [Photo & Text: SA] The construction crewand helpers from various departments are in place and the new cover isslowly unrolled. [Photo & Text: SA] The crew startedright after morning meeting to avoid the temperamental winds whichusually start around noon this time a year. But the wind started early,just couldn’t resist playing with this. [Photo & Text: SA] The crew had theirhands full. [Photo & Text: SA] The cover is inplace. Now it is just a matter of securing it. [Photo & Text: SA] The ends have to berolled in and everyone is making an effort to stretch the plasticmembrane evenly. [Photo & Text: SA] manager Adam Nordfors [with red bandana]is drilling the wooden support beams back into place. [Photo & Text:SA] TheGreenhouse is back on line. [Photo & Text: SA]last_img

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